Hi Algy - I am “Behring Castor Canadensis Blackhawk” but you can call me “The Beav.” I am from California. In this photo taken by the world-famous quirky iPhone photographer “Capio Lumen”, I am cutting down some trees to get some paper ready for the thousands of books Algy is going to sell. Congratulations on publishing your new book! Thank you for inviting me to this wonderful “Algy’s Surprisingly Fluffy Book” Launch Party.

Algy thinks Behring Castor Canadensis Blackhawk is a very fine name - almost as fine a name as that of a certain rabbit he knows :) Thank you so much for working so hard to make paper for all Algy’s books - that’s very kind of you. Please take a break and have some refreshments!

Algy sends you and that world-famous quirky iPhone photographer capiolumen lots of fluffy hugs xoxoxo