How to increase your financial IQ

How to increase your financial IQ

It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts – John Wooden

All my life I’ve been known to be self-disciplined in all areas of my life – especially on the financial side, however, this week saw me acting totally out of character, making a very unwise choice that could have cost me way more than I can afford to lose.

Thankfully my sister Find her herehelped me put my life back into…

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Feelings #22

I enjoy the chase more than the idea of commitment, plus there have only been 2 people who have captured my attention in more ways than one.

There’s something about being wanted by a stranger. Without any expectations they seem to “love” you more than the people who notice and have been well acquainted with your flaws. Under the influence of some magic, colloquially: alcohol, the urgency to hold something with a heartbeat and with such intent. The possibilities are endless and don’t seem too far to reach.

The butterflies begin to fill your appetite with every touch, and soon enough your few minutes of exploring one another are over.  

Stay Beautiful, beautifuls. 

Feelings #21

I’ve given up on being gloomy, because even though I don’t like to say it, it wasn’t such a big deal. I made a great fuss because it hurt but now, I’m okay. I’m finally okay because I realized you aren’t everything you said you were and that’s okay too. It still hurts but I’m growing up, making decisions for myself based on whats best for me, not convenient for you.

You aren’t the devil I make you out to be and I’m no saint either. It’s just easier to hate you because I adore you that much, to be okay with you two embracing one another.

Writing this I feel senseless. 

 Stay beautiful, beautifuls.

Feelings #19

I’m learning, now more than ever, the unimportance of some people in our lives, the long hours cramming before a pointless exam and the constant worrying of judgment. I want to live for now, just for today, everyday. I spend 3 quarters of my day worrying about the future, the past, and the implications of my rash decisions and the complexity of them.  I cannot enjoy a “moment” without rethinking and over thinking. I end up breaking my own heart. Rather that than someone else breaking mine right? I can fix myself up surely? Why would I need anyone else’s help?

Well I figured I actually do need you. I want you to believe in me and thoroughly, not influenced by my forceful ability or even worse, my mothers. I want you to want to make me feel as if you’re the only thing pure and right in my world, because if anything, you will be.  I don’t just want one of you though. I want a couple of you, because what are memories without more than one person reminiscing about them.

 You are the world, all of you are.

Stay Beautiful, beautifuls. 

Jazz #5

This jazz tune stole my heart for the first whilst I was in Grahamstown, a jazz student at UCT say it at the Vocal concert on the last night of the festival, and I was blown away by the beauty in its simplicity yet complexity. The lyrics are nonsensically honest and vulnerable; they are hardly sung but left for your own interpretation.

“In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning” was introduced as Frank’s title track of his 1955 album, its composed by David Mann matched by Bob Hilliard’s lyrics. Only the best have recorded their own renditions and I have a couple of favorites; OF COURSE Franks fresh interpretation is considered the best, take a look at Johns Mayer’s featuring Chris Botti and Jamie Cullum’s. 

Stay Beautiful, beautifuls.