Blue Fur! 

Cutting faux for can be an interesting task if you've never done it before. 

First off you need to make sure you find the nap of the fur. The nap is which way the fur lays naturally with the fabric. Once you find that you need to make sure all your pattern pieces are positioned the right way. Don’t want one side of your garment’s fur going up and one side going down. Trace your pattern pieces on the back side of the fur with a marker. 

After all your pieces are traced out, it’s time to cut the fur! Make sure you use a razor or Xacto knife, never use scissors! You can see the difference of what it looks like when you cut with scissors as apposed to a razor blade in the last photo posted above. When you cut with scissors it actually cuts the fur, you don’t want this. The razor blade only cuts the fabric the fur is attached to, and maybe a few strands of the fur. This is a much better solution than cutting off huge chunks of the fur. 

And that’s all there is to it! Rather simple right? I’ll post some information on how to sew with faux fur once I start stitching up this project.