capella pedregal

Imagine you and Chris are on a weekend getaway, it did not take much effort or convincing to get you to agree on a trip with him.  You thought his nervousness in asking you was too cute to turn the man down (not that you would have said no to Chris). 

In the morning you are both greeted by a gorgeous sunrise from your bungalow.  It feels you are on a paradise island with the man you adore.  Having your fill with fruits for breakfast, you and Chris head out sightseeing for the day to view the spectacular beaches of Cabo San Lucas. 

After your sight seeing, you enjoy a walk on the beach and a dip in the water. it has been a fabulous day and Chris tells you it has not ended.  You both return to your weekend abode, you find a large box gift wrapped…it’s a lovely summer evening gown and you smile realizing Chris intends to take you out this evening.  As you walk out in your gown, you see Chris is elegantly dressed as well. The look on his face is priceless as you see in his eyes such devotion and love.

Thinking you both will dine at the Capella Pedregal, well known for its food, you are taken back when you discover Chris made arrangements with management for a private romantic dinner on the beach.

After enjoying dinner, you walk hand in hand on the sands of Cabo San Lucas. You confess to Chris, it wouldn’t matter where he took you,,, you could be in your own backyard and still be happy knowing you were in his arms.

Smiling at your words, he kisses you and Chris finally confesses he has fallen in love with you.  For once your dreams of being swept away by a prince charming have come true.  

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