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konigstigerr  asked:

hey jax, do you have any secret techniques to get motivated to work out? i was out of the gym for two months due to an accident and now that i'm fine i could go back, but i feel like too lazy to drag myself to the gym.

Secret Techniques?

1) Watch all Goku’s Training scenes to Namek

2) Watch All 12 episodes of One Punch Man and all Current eps of My Hero Academia

3) Read How many kilos are the Dumbbells you lift

4) Hajime No Ippo needs to be in your life

5) Subscribe to Jaxblade’s Channel (THIS ONE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT)

and There ya go Secret techniques 

Had this sketch of Saitama lying around and I wanted to ink something for a cooldown after work to demonstrate Frenden’s ink brushes to my coworkers. 

I just like drawing him and Genos in different normal outfits. This was based loosely offa something my SO was wearing a little while back. 

The T-shirt is all me tho lolll tempted to actually make it into a real thing.