Mixology 101: Highballs.

Considering the fact that I can’t possibly write a detailed recipe for a drink that is basically just a spirit and mixer I decided to list them here, in one article.

The origin of the term Highball is actually quite a fun one! The name comes from a piece in the old trains powered by steam locomotives that fitted in the tank. The ball inside indicated the pressure in the boiler. If the ball was high that means the train can go full speed.

Because train drivers did not have walkie-talkies back in the day they used whistles to communicate. They blew a signal. Two short whistles followed by one long one. That indicated full speed ahead! It’s great when you think about it, two short whistles representing the two shots (1oz each) of spirit and the long one representing the mixer that is a long fill-up to the drink.

Here is a list of the most common and known Highballs.
I will not mention the obvious one like Gin & Tonic, Vodka Redbull and Whiskey & Coke as the names themselves tell you what’s inside.

  • Screw driver- Vodka and orange juice.
  • Cape codder- Vodka and cranberry juice.
  • Cuba libre- Rum and Coke with lime.
  • Garibaldi- Campari and orange juice.
  • Tequila sunrise- Tequila and orange juice with a bit of grenadine.
  • Sea breeze- Vodka, grape fruit juice and topped with cranberry juice.
  • Pimm’s cup- Pimm’s and lemonade with a lot of fruit garnish.
  • Dark’n’Stormy- Dark rum and ginger beer with lime.
  • Moscow Mule- Vodka and ginger beer with lime.
  • Chiller- Selected spirit (e.g. Vodka chiller) topped with Ginger ale.
  • Greyhound- Vodka and grapefruit juice.
  • Bourbon & Branch- Bourbon whiskey topped-up with water.
  • Seven & Seven- Seagram’s 7-Crown whiskey topped-up with 7-up.

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cape codder the grey herring gull and alabama slammer the black backed seagull. all birds will be named after drinks :3c

these two run the ferry from the mainland to the island. cape is the captain, and ‘bama is her first mate. the two of them can get the ship through any sort of weather so the ferry is almost never out of service, except when it’s stopped for repairs and maintenance occasionally.

and that’s the last of the sundrop island residents that I’ve already designed. I’m probably going to go back and redo pepper and plum so they fit the style I’ve been doing for the rest of them but besides them that’ll be it for a while, I have more important stuff to work on :'3

Night Shift Brewing is a small craft brewery in Everett, MA.  They have a program called Sour Futures where one can pre-purchase bottles of their seasonal Berliner Weisse beers in advance.  I joined so I could get a chance to try some of the Night Shift Weisses I hadn’t been able to get in years before.

This was Cape Codder Weisse.  It was aged with cranberries and infused with orange zest.  It had a pinkish-orange hue and was extremely cloudy.  There was lots of carbonation which diminished slightly as it warmed.  The combination of the cranberry and orange flavors made this taste like a sherbet float.  It was tart in the aftertaste.  This was a really good beer!

All these posts on the Cape Cod tag "I want to go back to Cape Cod. I love Cape Cod. I want summer back." Stay home, bitches. We don't want you here. I can't see half my friends without sitting in damn traffic every summer because you don't know how to drive on a rotary. And you all think the Canal is the shit. It's fucking annoying, that's what it is.