cape socks


So this will most likely end in death….

anyway, so I tried my best to mimic the style yet still keep my own, so, I think I did ok

Plus her wish would have been something like, being able to actually, live the books she read or, like, make them feel real or something, that way she could keep her solid script too. And the words on her clip, cape and socks are all from beauty and the beast.

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Alright, I’m really excited to share this with all of you! We have all seen superhero cape socks, but what if we had DCI cape socks? This is a rough draft for a Crossmen inspired cape sock. Maybe some of the socks for other corps won’t have capes, but the others will probably still be similar. I don’t know if this idea will be a success or not, so I decided to share my first try with all of you before I decide to start selling them to help with my travel fees for next year (my band is going to the rose parade). If anyone is interested in buying socks like these, let me know! If it seems like a good idea, I will happily start selling! :)

The Pokémon of Pallet

Whereas the normal awakening of him was the light vibrantly bursting through the windows and into his soil-coloured eyes, this time he got up himself without any assistance. He had reason to get up early, which was a rare occurrence for him, considering he lived a boring life of get-up-go-to-school-go-home-sleep-get-up everyday in Pallet Town. He dashed down the stairs and into his everyday clothes, which consisted of a navy shirt with tight jeans. He also wore a belt, a small cape-like accessory, grey socks and a pair of trainers.

“I’m off, it’s the morning that I can choose which Pokémon I want to spend my life with! I’ve been waiting for this for so long!” Lance called, opening the front door. His father came down the stairs, followed by his mother.

His mother hugged him, then wished him good luck.

“I’ll see you soon!” He lunged away and down the road towards Professor Oak’s Lab.

Hat: The Impeccable Pig
Necklace: Stella and Dot
Turtleneck dress: brand is Whisper
Cape: Val’s Boutique
Socks: Forever 21
Booties: brand is Diba
Bag: Louis Vuitton