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I feel like the Young Justice boys steal and borrow each other clothes. Like Tim and Bart absolutely swim in Kon's shirts since he's so tall compared to them, but Tim and Bart usually fit in each others clothes. If Bart would buy the proper sized shirts to begin with anyways.

Bart needs Tim (Max. Jay, and Wally) to buy his clothes because he just buys shit, doesn’t matter the size, if it’s male or female, part of a suit, onesies, rain cape, toe socks, price tag be fucked, so Tim and his dads are like “okay we have to make sure he had underpants in his size and some shorts okay?” 

Someone got this picture of me leaving pride last Saturday and honestly???? Mood. 

Resident Ophelia of Yue

Originally Yue’s mayor, the quiet and bookish water witch Ophelia was banned from the town after casting a spell that flooded the land. But after falling for the new mayor Miki, she’s agreed, however reluctantly, to try and help restore the town to its once peaceful state.

Wearing a witch’s hat, pinstripe dress with cape, striped socks and brown flats! 🌊

my aikatsu

Hi my name is Elza F’ortissimo Tone-Deaf Hummingbird Forte and I have long red hair (that’s how I got my name) with pink streaks and pink tips that reaches my ankles and sexy gold eyes like honey tears and a lot of people tell me I look like Mizuki Kanzaki (AN: if u don’t know who she is get da hell out of here!). [[I’m not related to Hime Shirayuki but I wish I was because she’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a idol but my uniform is straight and white. I have slightly darker than white skin. I’m also a headmistress, and I run a idol school called Venus Ark in Japan where I’m in the fourth year (I’m fourteen). I’m a sexy-type (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly red. I love Perfect Queen and I design all my clothes from there. For example today I was wearing a red and white top with black lines around it and a black miniskirt with a red cape on it, black socks that go up to my knees and red high heels. I was wearing pink lip gloss, white (but not that white) foundation, black eyeliner and red eye shadow. I was walking outside Venus Ark. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. A lot of Yotsuboshi students stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.


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So this will most likely end in death….

anyway, so I tried my best to mimic the style yet still keep my own, so, I think I did ok

Plus her wish would have been something like, being able to actually, live the books she read or, like, make them feel real or something, that way she could keep her solid script too. And the words on her clip, cape and socks are all from beauty and the beast.

I’d really appreciate it if you’d reblog instead of like, it helps it get around!

anonymous asked:

lace blankets lavender

lace: what’s your favorite piece of clothing?

socks?? they can be decorated so many different ways?? also cuz i have a pair of socks with capes and i love them

blankets: what’s your night routine?

go on tumblr. look at the time. put on pajamas. say i’m going to sleep on tumblr. tries to sleep
lavender: what color do you find most calming?

either the color lavender or the background of my blog


It’s Halloween and it’s time for you two to dress up! It’s his turn to pick the costumes this year so be prepared to be handed a pile of clothes. This year our leader was feeling a little spooky and wanted some blood so he decided that you two should go as…Vampires!! This kid got everything together so the two of you would be the cutesiest and spookiest couple ever! To show his dedication to the holiday he got the fangs, fake blood, long capes, and your option of a dress or skirt or pants like him. Let’s just say everyone wanted to give their blood to the two of you~ 


This year it was his turn to pick..again. You let Jeonghan pick every year because you thought it was cute how he always got excited for this time of the year. On this Halloween he decided that you guys should go as…Angel and Devil! Of course Jeonghan was the angel dressed all in white and you were the devil with the cute cute tail. His taste in this year’s costume was really good. He even got himself white wings, a halo, and a wand to give it a little bit of a magical effect. What he got for you was even cuter, he got you a pair of red horns, a pitch fork, tiny red wings, and even a tail! He’s going to want to take a lot of pictures together~ 


Our gentleman Joshua picked the cutest and most cliche pair of costumes ever. This year you let him pick the halloween costume since you got to pick last year, and boy did he choose some cute costumes. Our Joshua was the beautiful prince charming and you were his beautiful princess. His costume consisted of a white and burgundy prince tunic with a gold ribbon hanging from his shoulder, paired up with his tunic was a pair of white slacks, and converse. Now for your costume, he went a bit over the top. He got you a long strapless pearl white dress, dotted with maroon carnations, and a few red stitching patterns here and there, and for your shoes a pair of red converse so you could walk with ease. Joshua basically got you guys ready to go to a royal ball~


Bless our child Jun for picking probably the cutest and dorkiest outfit of all the boys. It was originally your turn to pick the costumes but your idea didn’t meet his standards and you agreed that being Ash and Pikachu was much much cuter than being a prince and princess #ShittingOnJoshua .Of course Jun was ash and you were pikachu. Jun decided he wanted to be first generation Ash, so he spent about 5 days getting the costume ready. The costume of course consisted of Ash’s white and red cap with the half triangle thing on it, a forest green short sleeve, a blue and white denim short sleeve jacket, a pair of blue jeans cuffed to his ankles, and black converse. Now for your outfit, he decided it would be cutest to just buy you a pikachu Kigurumi , so that’s what he did. Now he doesn’t need to catch them all because all he needs is you~


Oh our little shining star is doing a ghibli themed costume this year! Ah how cute of him, originally you were the one to pick the costumes for halloween every year but this year Hoshi decided to step to the plate and present his idea of going as Howl and Sophie from Howl’s Moving Castle! Who knows how long Hoshi has been planning this, but either way right after telling you that you guys are going to be Howl and Sophie he hands you the costumes. His costume consisted of a poofy white dress shirt, with Howl’s signature coral pink jacket with black diamonds on it, a pair of black jeans, and small heeled black dress shoes. Instead of getting you the blue dress that Sophie normally wears, he decided to dress you up as Sophie near the end of the movie with the long beautiful creamy yellow dress, along with a nice white sun hat with a black ribbon around it, and a pair of white heeled boots. Ah you guys are ready to move into a castle of your own~ 


This year was his turn to think of a costume since you thought of what to be last year..and the year before that, so you were all fresh out of ideas! To your surprise, this kid picked a really cute couples costume. Who knew he would think of going as Mickey and Minnie! This kid went a lot farther than you thought he would to get your costumes together. For his costume, he pulled a pair of red skinny jeans on with the two signature white dots on the pockets, a pair of black overalls that laid on top of a white dress shirt. He didn’t forget the most important parts of the costumes though, he put on a small red polka dotted bow tie and some big round mouse ears on top of his head. Now for your costume he went a bit over the top with a red polka dotted dress, with white ruffles underneath to give it a bit of the poof effect, a white collar, short sleeves with ruffles at the end of them, a black band around the waist to separate the top of the dress and skirt part of it,  he even got you a pair of knee socks to wear just in case your legs get a bit chilly, and of course he didn’t forget the most important part the big mouse ears with a cute red polka dotted bow in between the ears! Now you two need to get a puppy to be your Pluto~


Honestly you two were just too lazy to think of costumes this year. The two of you just looked at each other tiredly and started throwing lazy couple costumes at each other and finally came to the perfect one. ‘ Thing 1′ & ‘ Thing 2′, all you guys have to do is buy the shirts and wear matching pants and you guys will still be the cutest couple in Korea! Now it’s time to decide who gets to be ‘Thing one’ and who’s 'Thing two’, to be honest the both of you want to be 'Thing one’, so instead of fighting for it Woozi let’s you be 'Thing one’ this year. Next year is his time to shine as 'Thing one’ though! You guys are going to wreck everyones hearts~ 


Lord jesus, it’s like the hunger games but for costume ideas and it’s between only the two of you. This kid reached a better idea than you first and looks like you guys are going as Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf! Now it was time to decide who got to be the big bad wolf, tails you and heads him! Ah to your surprise, Seokmin got to be our Big Bad Wolf and that means you were his little Red Riding Hood! Now this fuzz ball is probably going to be the sweetest wolf there is with his grey fuzzy wolf ears, grey long sleeve accompanied by a pair of black overalls on top, a pair of black jeans, a fuzzy grey tail hooked up to the back of his jeans, a pair of furry grey wolf pajama boots to give him a bit more of the werewolf feel, and even some stupid grey cat paws but in his case “wolf paws”. Instead of letting Seokmin pick your red riding hood outfit, you decided to pick out your own! Instead putting on a plaid dress you put a plain white dress that reached your mid-thighs, a red hooded cape, some white knee socks so your legs don’t freeze to death, and of course a small picnic basket with a small tiny plaid blanket sticking out from it. Instead of bringing Seokmin to your grandma, let’s bring him to your parents~ 


This year our bad boy refused to let you pick the costume theme even though it was your turn! The two of you are going to do a throwback all the way to the 50′s and be greasers! He honestly just threw on a leather jacket, a tight white short sleeve on, tight black jeans, and some high top converse on, and even gelled his hair back just to give it more of the bad boy look. Now for you, he went all out with the cute greaser girlfriend look. A cute white short sleeved blouse, a baby pink polka dot skirt that reached your knees with a poodle sewed on the corner, white socks that reached three inches above your ankle, and some white converse. The two of you walked down the streets as the most dangerously cute couple~ 


The two of you wanted to do something simple this year, simple and sweet. This year you were the cat and Minghao was the mouse. No matter how much he begged to be the cat, you refused to let him be the cat. The two of you went with a white theme, so you managed to get white cat ears, a white dress that reached your mid-thighs, a white tail that could nearly touch the floor, white cat paws with a pink bottom, and white knee socks. Now for Minghao it was a bit harder because he couldn’t find a pair of white mouse ears, so he painted over black mouse ears with white fabric paint. He did manage to find a white long sleeve shirt accompanied by white overalls, a pink tail that reached only to his knees, and white jeans. Minghao may have been the mouse but looks like he caught you first~ 


Ahh as much as Seungkwan wanted to choose this years costumes, he let you do the honors. The worst part is that you picked a really cute couples costumes and we all know how Seungkwan feels about this kind of thing, but he sucks it up just for you. This year you two are going as Ponyo and Sosuke!! As soon as he agrees you throw his costumes straight into his hands: a mustard yellow short sleeve tee, grey shorts that reach his mid-thighs, and a green bucket. Simple enough right? Now for you, you put together a coral pink dress with ruffles on the bottom to give it a poofy effect. It took you awhile to decide whether you wanted to walk around barefoot but Seungkwan helped you decide that by scolding about how you could step in glass and die. Seungkwan you won’t die from stepping in glass.


Honestly this kid is here to get scary not some cute kid stuff, but some scary teen stuff! You wanted to do a cute couple costume together like being Mickie and Minnie, but Vernon thought that was too basic for him and you #ShittingOnWonwoo. So this kid decided that you guys would be a creepy Zombie couple. This kid grabbed similar clothing from both your closets and basically ripped holes in them to give them an old raggy look. Not only did he rip them up, he even grabbed some red food coloring and smudged it on to look like blood. This kid is not joking around when he wants to get creepy. Now for the zombie makeup, the two of you followed a good tutorial but ended up looking like a couple of angry red hulks. Your relationship is scarily other peoples goals~ 


Ah you two are probably going to be the cutest couple on the block! You guys decided to think of a couples costumes together instead of having just one person choose and have the other suffer! The two of you agreed apon being dinosaurs! The two of you searched the web for Dinosaur Kigurumi’s, Dino got the green dinosaur kigurumi while you got the pink one. Once you guys finally got your kigurumi’s you guys couldn’t stop yelling ‘rawr’ at each other to see who could be the loudest and hitting each other with your long dinosaur tails. Who says dinosaurs aren’t cute? You two definitely proved that dinosaurs costumes can be cuter than Vampire costume, Angel & Demon costume, Prince & Princess costume, Ash & Pikachu costume, Howl & Sophie costume, Mickie & Minnie costume, Thing one & Thing two costume, Red Riding Hood & Big Bad Wold costume, Greaser costume, Cat & Mouse costume, Ponyo & Sosuke  costume, and especially Zombie costumes! #MaknaeShittingOnAllHisHyungs

Hello my tiny spooky babies!!(っˆヮˆ)っ♡ Tis bubbles with her sweet sweet Halloween special!!!! (๑°꒵°๑) First I would like to say HAPPY HALLOWEEN BABIES!!!ψ(`∇´)ψAnd second thank you guys so so so so much for supporting me for the past four months together!♫꒰・◡・๑꒱ゞ I can’t believe I’ve finally reached 2,000+ follows in such little time!!꒰•꒡꒳꒡꒱ɷ✧⃛* I hope you guys understand how happy this makes me!!✹◟(ᶮ ̮ ᶯ)◞✹ But ah I hope you guys really enjoy this Halloween special because it took me awhile to think of couple costume ideas that would fit the boys! (o‘w’o) Please wish me a lot of luck in trick or treating tonight with my fiends my loves!(๑•̀ω•́๑) Also if you guys are coming out to trick or treat as well please stay safe and with your friends or family at all times!!!! ( ;´Д`) I love you guys~~~ ♡*(ू•‧̫•ू⑅) **Gifs are not mine! All Credit goes to the original makers, thank you!!**