cape rosso

The Usual

This is a birthday gift for @furaitsu !! It’s nothing big, but I’ve been thinking about it for a while…and if anyone deserves adorable egg n’ toaster fluff, rosso does X3

    “Can I have my usual? To go.”

    He’d come in every Saturday or Sunday, order a bowl of whichever noodles were cheapest (“Extra napkins and spoons, please?”), and leave. His clothes were worn out but clean, and he was bald—really, totally, 100% bald. Everyone figured he had some medical condition and let him alone. It’s not like he needed help there, though.

    He always came by himself…and since he didn’t talk much, no one could figure him out.

    The shop didn’t get a lot of customers—being in the most dangerous city in the world meant that it was dead most of the time—and it ran on regulars, ones that you got to know after weeks and months of chatting to them. Not this one though. In the three years he’d been visiting, all we could tell was that he might’ve been in college because of his age. It didn’t make sense, though—college kids were anxious messes, and he wasn’t. He just…was. He came, he got his food, and he left.

    We were all surprised the first time he asked for a second bowl.

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