cape mario

Here he is!!
Here’s Jaune!
He’s Blumiere’s older brother and is currently ruling over the Tribe of Darkness as his brother had given their father a game over after all. 
He does his best to be a good ruler and is hoping for a more peaceful approach than what the tribe had previously. Though who knows.

Spoopy Ghost Skeleton

This was supposed to be a fusion between Count Bleck & Lewis Pepper (My friend drew me the fusion thing for my B-Day because I was absolutely OBSESSED WITH THESE TWO. Now to a slightly lesser extent. Just on the back burner.), but it ended up looking more like a fancy Lewis than a fusion. So…either way here ya go!

In various levels throughout Super Mario World, bonus rooms where groups of three blocks must be hit in the correct order for a 1-Up can be found. There is a way to cheat at this mini-game and always collect every 1-Up by entering the bonus room as Cape Mario carrying a Koopa shell. By placing the shell on the ground and spinning Mario’s cape to make it hit the blocks, every hit registers as correct regardless of the order.


Little Big Boy by 一把阳光
An Elephant calf ( Loxodonta Africana ) in Addo Elephant National Park, South Africa



     I added some new standing sprites to the collection! Joining the family are Cape Mario from Super Mario World, Yoshi, and Bub & Bob from Bubble Bobble. I’m also running a Black Friday promotion in the shop until 11/30 where if you spend $30 or more, you’ll receive a free 5 x 7 print of your choice. Come check it out!

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