cape kamui

Fire Emblem IF Conquest: Kamui’s Birthday Story Track 8


Long story short: Boy’s pretty weak, Niles has way too much fun, Xander and Leo are assholes to Laslow and Odin, Kamui gives an inspirational speech, Leo gains a new retainer, all is forgiven, and Niles just doesn’t want to put his clothes back on. 

This track wasn’t actually that difficult, but there were certain parts where I had to work and rework the wording. 

ALSO. GUYS. FUDGENUGGETS980825 POSTED VIDEOS WITH THE AUDIO, USING OUR TRANSLATIONS~<3 They’re lovely, so go watch them on Youtube! She also did the first three CDs from other translators too! 

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In late afternoon, we reach Cape Kamui, which used to be a sacred area. So naturally, women were not allowed inside.

Cape Kamui
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We hike a path that becomes increasingly narrow, until there is only enough room for just one person. Very quickly, I am out of breath, from both the scenery and the exercise.