cape jackets

Okay, some of this whooshy-whooshs could be explained by comic-typical dramatic exaggeration™

Here, though. Have Jason WALKING

(Just strong wind? No, the last one’s inside.)

Not even a hair on Artemis’ head nor Bizarro’s cape moves, BUT THE JACKET

I love this jacket so much it’s so aesthetically conscious it’s hilarious

I re- designed an outfit for TCW Anakin in cold weather bc I did not like the original one. This one is actually the second attempt at making it, the first time i included a back view and what the outfit looked like underneath the jacket and cape but I dd not like it and decided to combine some elements of them together.


Oh boy, lots of gems, lots of fusions!

This was lots of fun to do and I hope I did everyone justice! :>

  • Iolite (belongs to me) Lepidolite (belongs to me and my gf) Taaffeite’s design by me too
  • Iolite (belongs to me) Aguamarine (belongs to monses-art) Corundrum’s design belongs to monses-art
  • Iolite (belongs to me) Moonstone(1) (belongs to hellajimmies) Winza Sapphire’s(1) design belongs to hellajimmies
  • Iolite (belongs to me) Moonstone(2) (belongs to matrioshkka-cries) Winza Sapphire’s(2) design belongs to me

I am probably gonna do more with my gems someday :3

Hope ya’ll enjoy!

Also here’s Winza Sapphire(2) without the cape/jacket, so you can acually see her design

  • Invel: Cape... cool jacket... simple pants and shoes... it's perfect, your majesty!
  • Zeref: yea but where's my wrap
  • Invel: ...huh?
  • Zeref: my WRAP. i need WRAP like the one I've been wearing for 400 years!! )):
  • Invel: Pardon me, your majesty, but a wrap wouldn't look good with that outfit---
  • Zeref: WRAP!!
  • Invel: Well, your old wrap got destroyed, and we don't have any others...
  • Zeref: *grabbing random blankets* I MAKE IT WORK ))):<
  • Invel: ...ohh, my god.