cape gannets

Well my lighting needs a lot of work but a dragon I’ve been thinking about is finally drawn!

I think im going to keep messing with it though. Its literally a cape gannet. So I think I might make edits to make it more like a dragon that resembles a cape gannet, and less of a four legged, featherless cape gannet.  Cuz those already exist.

Photograph by @thomaspeschak Cape gannets plunge dive in pursuit of sardines into the Indian Ocean off South Africa’s wild coast. This large seabird, that only breeds in South Africa and Namibia follows migrating shoals of fish northwards during the annual sardine run. Being on the surface when gannets begin to rain from the sky can be a somewhat sketchy experience and I have often considered using a helmet for protection. While their beaks are not designed to pierce, having a collision with a 5 pound bird traveling at 75 mph is not advisable. #southafrica #sardinerun #photooftheday @natgeocreative For more photographs of birds, sharks and dolphins in pursuit of sardines follow @thomaspeschak by natgeo

Photo by @thomaspeschak A Cape Gannet about to swallow a sardine during South Africa’s annual sardine run. Every June/July shoals of sardines migrate along South Africa’s east coast taking advantage of colder water flowing northwards. In hot pursuit are predators in all shapes and sizes from gannets and penguins to sharks, dolphins and whales. #sardinerun #southafrica @natgeo @thephotosociety @natgeocreative by natgeo