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I always make fun of my province, New Brunswick, because it’s small, boring, there are no job and everything is going out of business. But what NB does have is amazing scenery! This was shot at an old defunct park in the north of the province. We got together with a photographer friend and trekked down to the beach in frigid weather and brutal wind for some cool shots! And boy was it ever worth it!!

Ps there was nobody flipping capes and whatnot, that was all the wind’s work! So you can probably imagine how thrilled I am about the 5th pic ahah

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Can Fatal see himself in a mirror? And if he can what would he see? Code, mine, not mine, 1010, scribblez, NOTING, or just himself and nothing like a regular mirror.

It’s funny because this ask made me think of like, Fatal as a vampire or something XD Like he looks into a mirror and there’s nothing there? and he just hisses and flips his cape and scampers off

And then hangs upside down on a tree or something

You gotta admit the most dramatic part of any Lolirock episode is when Gramorr flips his cape dramatically after seeing another Oracle Gem restored to the crown, but has anyone actually seen him flip his lustrous green hair?????

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♘- one Muse drops a bucket of ice water on the other, mistaking them for someone else

【⚜】 – @theprinceofroses || In which Yuffie can’t get past the c word.

With the kind of innocent curiosity that was entirely inappropriate for the situation, Kisaragi gently picked at the edge of the stranger’s wet cape, flipping the smooth material this way and that in her hand in an apparent bid to decipher what exactly she was looking at. Clearly, it couldn’t be what she thought it was, because what she thought it was was reserved for the Vincent Valentines of the world, and this man, as it turned out, was no Vincent Valentine. Despite the dark hair and piercing eyes, he just didn’t seem to possess that innate ability to suck all joy out of life with professional efficiency that the gunslinger had perfected over the years. So, really, there was no reason why he should have been wearing a cape. He obviously didn’t get the memo that only lame vampires were allowed those.

Yuffie relinquished her hold on the silky corner she nabbed upon first hitting the welcoming stairs of Seventh Heaven, having fairly flown down to the first floor once she realized her mistake in target, a pretty reasonable mistake, a.k.a. holy shit, cape, but a mistake, nonetheless. On the other hand, perhaps this was for the best. If she had actually succeeded at drenching that grouchy old bat in freezing water, who the hell knew what her health status would be by this point? Last the ninja checked, Valentine was still in the business of stockpiling sins, and that didn’t bode well for anyone involved.

Not that this particular scene was fairing much better in the bright future prospects department. There was still the matter of the cold water pooling at the stranger’s feet, and soaking his hair, and saturating his clothes, and all of that courtesy of the brunette. If that didn’t make things a bit awkward, then Kisaragi wasn’t sure what would. And the apology that was well overdue and yet steadfastly refusing to leave her tongue didn’t help matters any either.  

Right? Right. She needed to apologize.

But was she really at fault here?

In a manner of thinking, anyone willing to wear a cape out in public in this day and age was willing to get picked on at least a little, and though Yuffie didn’t quite fit the role of a classic bully, she was more than willing to toughen a dork up, however unintentionally. He would face a lot more than a bit of freezing water walking around Midgar looking like that, so, actually, she was doing him a favor. Or something.


The ninja shifted in place and leaned forward to catch the man’s gaze, looking every bit the scolded child within two seconds of the biggest hiding of her life,  despite her rationalizations, before finally forcing some semblance of function into her vocal chords, which didn’t quite work as she planned.

“A cape?”

And that brought her full circle. Because he was wearing a cape. A cape. A bloody cape. ‘Nough said.

The Signs as Things That Have Happened in My Band

ARIES: My sophomore year we were performing at a college competition, it was extremely windy that day. A pit member’s cape ended up over his head. He expertly flipped the cape off of him when called to attention.

TAURUS: My sophomore year, two seniors took the stuffed cow and doll and put them up by a speaker high up on the wall with a ton of paper cranes. There’s still one paper crane up there.

GEMINI: Last year I stole my band director’s passes almost everyday. I put them in his office microwave, in his private bathroom (on a stool with a hammer), behind the whiteboard, tapped under his stool, in my purse, in his music…..

CANCER: At a band competition, these kids were being really rude and obnoxious while a band was performing. My band director yelled at them, while eating funnel cake and powdered sugar all over his mouth and beard.

LEO: A freshmen (now junior) left his trumpet on the 50 yard line. A pit member wasn’t looking and moving the marimba to the 50. He stepped on the trumpet and made it almost unplayable.

VIRGO: One time Music Theory a bari sax guy made macaroni and cheese in my band director’s microwave. The only problem was that he forgot to put water in the cup. I came into the band room next block and every door was open and there was a cup of black macaroni in the trash.

LIBRA: I ran to get my instrument during marching band practice, our show was Hunger Games, so I was supposed to run. I slipped and fell on my back. My friend yelled at my band director for not noticing while I laughed it off. My butt and back hurt for the rest of the day.

SCORPIO: One time during concert band my band director was talking to this one girl and everyone quickly flipped chairs on top of each other. They almost got all of them done until my band director noticed them.

SAGITTARIUS: Last year we were at a parade band competition and we had cleared all the captions and got first in our class. Everyone was really excited and there were upperclassmen hugging underclassmen and near tears. The announcer was barely able to get our school name out before everyone started screaming. People were crying (happy tears) and hugging everyone.

CAPRICORN: We got new uniforms my sophomore year. While we were performing our show at a football game, I realized my hat was too tight. When we were marching off and playing the school song, I started choking and wasn’t able to breathe. I hid behind a tall person and flipped the chinstrap up.

AQUARIUS: We were walking to our practice field one time last year and all you could hear across the street was, “OH MY GOSH IS THAT KATNISS AND PEETA?” Everyone from our band nodded or said, “Yeah.” The band across the street gave us 3 finger salutes and we did 3 finger salutes back.

PISCES: My band director had a surfaced blood clot and left school on a Tuesday. He came back that Saturday. Everyone wanted to push his wheelchair and he said he didn’t like sitting down. So, per doctor’s request, he got up and walked for a little bit. Everyone was yelling at him to sit down. He said, “The doctor told me I could stand up for a few minutes!”

now that we know jasper is basically a celebrity on homeworld, we can all consider canon that she would walk around in her cape flipping her hair and being on the front page of millions of CoverGem magazines, rocking eyeliner and looking intimidatingly fabulous while tons of gems sweat and fangirl over her