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more 3some van & bondy pls <3

Don’t you worry - Van/Bondy is always in the back of my mind. Gotta wait for some specific context ideas first (or requests). I will not abandon that. Especially not after Van catching Bondy’s ice cream drops, or the flag cape incident. 

Trump supporters deck out Fearless Girl statue in MAGA gear, Pepe the Frog sign

  • This is why we can’t have nice things. Exhibit B: Just over a week after a “finance broseph” made a spectacle of humping Wall Street’s Fearless Girl statue, some Donald Trump supporters stopped by to outfit her in MAGA gear. Just what she needs.
  • A Gothamist tipster reported that two men descended upon the statue early Monday morning, shortly after midnight.  They accessorized her with a red Make America Great Again hat, an American flag cape and some opinion-espousing signs. 
  • One read “VETS B4 ILLEGALS,” while the other featured Pepe the Frog, a meme that the Anti-Defamation League classifies as a hate symbol, tipping his shades alongside the Trump name. The men were also wearing MAGA caps, suggestive of pro-Trump political leanings. Read more (3/20/17 4:54 PM)

…Don’t ask them about it, don’t ask me about and you’ll be on the save side… probably… Also *thank you* for 30+ followers (^▽^) I’m so happy you like my art✨

C: The ace community on Tumblr is extremely white and Tumblr in general is extremely acephobic. On the bright side, I went to a pride event last summer, bought a small and large ace flag, and met as well as hugged every ace I saw and nobody ran up to me and tried to tell me or them that we didn’t belong even though we were wearing our big flags as capes like everyone else with their respective flags. It made all that acephobia up here insignificant.

My very silly, Canadian stereotype OC that I use for literally nothing but laughing at.

He’s the Canadian Yukon Batman, and he aptly lives in the Canadian Yukon. He’s an avid player of all Canadian winter sports, so he has several uniforms: one for curling, one for the luge, one for skiing, etc., but he’s usually seen in hockey pads.  He wears red and white and the bat emblem on his uniform suspiciously resembles a maple leaf.  His cape is the Canadian flag, and he’s usually clad either in snowshoes or crampons.  He’s three inches shorter than the average Canadian man but he’s in very good shape from all the winter sports.  He lives in an igloo near the Alaskan border and sustains himself through ice fishing. When he’s not doing sports, ice fishing, or being Batman, he likes to chat with the Alaskan border control, on both the American and the Canadian sides.

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Fourth of July

Warnings: None I believe.
Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester, Castiel, Sister Winchester Reader
Summary: (Read requests at bottom)
Readers Age: Any
Word Count: 1060

A/N: I know everyone probably are gonna name their 4th of July imagine, Fourth of July but I don’t care! The ending kind of turned a little deep but I still love it. Remember to stay safe! Don’t do anything stupid! Have fun everyone! Enjoy!

You, Sam and Castiel were all sitting in the library when Dean walked in. He was wearing an American flag shirt, American flag shorts and an American flag cape. You couldn’t help but burst out laughing when your eyes landed on him. “Dude, why do look like your dressing up as the American flag for Halloween?” Sam asked.

Dean rolled his eyes, “It’s Fourth of July! You have to be patriotic on Fourth of July!” Dean insisted. He took a seat across from you, you on the other hand were trying to catch your breath from laughing.

“What is Fourth of July?” Cas asked.

Dean looked offended, “It’s only the greatest holiday of the year, aside from Halloween, who can pass up free candy?” Dean replied.

“What is so special about it?” Cas asked.

“It’s basically when America was founded and what not.” You answered.

Cas stared at the table for a moment, “What do you do to celebrate it?”

“Well, let me tell you, you have cookouts, food, bonfires, light fireworks, food, stay up all night, food. It’s great.” Dean eagerly replied.

“I’m pretty sure Dean’s favorite part is the food.” You guessed.

“What makes you say that?” Dean asked, completely serious.

Your eyebrows furrowed together but before you could respond, Castiel spoke up, “I’ve never seen fireworks.”

“Y'know, now that I think about it. I haven’t either.” You said. Dean’s eyes widened and his head shot up to look at you.

“You mean to tell me, that my little sister, has never, in her life, once, seen a firework show?” Dean leaned forward as he talked.

“Well, I’ve seen them on T.V. but that’s about.” You replied.

“I guess that settles our plan for today.” Sam chimed in as he got up and walked away.

It’s been a few hours and you can’t wait to see your first firework show. You got all dressed up, you had a navy blue tank top on that had small silver stars scattered on the top of it, red shorts, a red, white and blue bow in your hair. American flag earrings, and American flag flip-flops. Let’s just say, you were ready for today.

You walked into the kitchen to find your brothers and Castiel. “Everyone ready?” Sam asked as he stood up, you all nodded and went to the Impala.

After hours of driving you all finally reached the middle of nowhere. It was one in the morning, stars filled every inch of the sky. You all stepped out of the car, admiring the stars. Dean went to the trunk and pulled put bags upon bags of fireworks, “Give me ten minutes, and you guys are going to see the absolute best firework show you’ve ever seen.” Dean said excitedly and ran off to set everything up. Sam went to go help.

“So, you have never seen a firework show in person?” Castiel asked, breaking the silence.

“Nope, my dad never really celebrated this kind of stuff, I mean I would see them off in the distance but I don’t think that really counts.” You informed the Angel.

Cas nodded, “Your brothers really care about you if they are willing to do all this just so you can see some fireworks.”

“Yeah… They’re pretty great.” You agreed, a giant smile on your face.

Ten minutes passed, “Alright! It’s done! Sammy go get the blanket.” Dean instructed, Sam did as he was told.

Sam sprawled out a big blanket, you sat criss-crossed, Castiel to your left, Dean to your right, and Sam next to him. A few minutes passed and nothing happened, “Where’s all the fireworks?” You turned to look at Dean.

“Oh, right! I need to light ‘em.” Dean got up, pulling out his lighter. After he lit them, he ran back to the blanket and sat down in the same spot.

A moment passed before you heard what sounded like a loud screech and a boom. You looked up and saw a giant red firework in the sky, it sparkled and crackled. That one was soon joined by two more, one blue and one white. Your eyes widened as you watched more and more fireworks shoot into the sky and explode into shapes and colors. You had a giant smile on your face, your brothers noticed which made them smile.

You all sat in silence, watching the fireworks, the only thing that broke the silence was the sounds of the fireworks. Cas was just as in awe as you were, although he looked like he was examining the fireworks, while you were just enjoying the beauty.

There wasn’t a dull moment, every time you thought it was over, more would just shoot up. Your cheeks actually began to hurt from smiling too much.

The fireworks lasted half an hour, once they were over, Dean ran back to the Impala. You all got up and started stretching. “So, what’d you guys think of your first firework show?” Sam asked as he turned his upper half from side to side, popping his back.

“That was amazing, I just… How have I never seen one?” You replied.

“Yes, I agree, it was beautiful.” Castiel chimed in.

Dean ran back over and gave you a thin stick looking thing, he also gave one to Sam and Cas, he kept one for himself as well. “What are these?” You asked.

“Sparklers.” Dean replied as he lit your stick on fire, except, it was a flame, it was like a small firework on the very top of the stick. It was well, sparkling.

“Whoa…” You started moving it around, Dean lit up Cas’, Sam’s and his. Dean started flailing it around and prancing all over, Sam did the same.

You joined them, you ran around whilst moving the sparkler all over. Cas joined in shortly after you did. You wrote your name in the air, you all chased each other, and just had a good time.

It’s times like these that make you forget about all the monsters, pain, and death. It’s times like these that only make you focus on your family. Times like these that remind you that there is still good in the world. Times like these where you know you can always, always, count on your family to help you through anything. Times like these that tell you to, Always Keep Fighting.

Requested by @meggan-supernatural:
“4th of July imagine where the reader hadn’t seen a firework show before so the boys take her to go see one and she gets all giddy and happy and admires the fireworks while the boys smile at her reaction?”

Requested by @campbelsoup875:
“For the Fourth of July, you could do something about Cas not understand all the traditions, like a cookout, fireworks, and stuff Blumenthal. Maybe the Winchesters decided to do something and Cas is being all adorable and confused? Idk it’s just an idea”

I hope y'all like this one! I’m open for tips on improving!

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