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I’ve seen Highway 101 all the way around the Olympic Peninsula down to the Redwoods in California. The entire thing is mind boggling. Windswept mountains rising from the ocean around every turn. Mysterious and captivating regardless of fair weather or rain and fog. The Oregon coast is absolutely my favorite place on earth.

Cape Kiwanda - Pacific City, Oregon. If you haven’t been here yet, I highly recommend it. The sunsets are amazing. There is a large sand dune to climb with panoramic views at the top. The Pelican Brew Pub is a great place for lunch and it is right on the beach. 


Sunset at Haystack Rock

Cape Kiwanda State Park, Pacific City, Oregon

Adventure Buddy and I decided to watch the sunset at Cape Kiwanda on Thursday night for some much needed us time. We laid out and hid from the 20mph winds in the back of the Subaru and watched the sun change the sky colors. I demanded this time because he had to travel again for work for the next 3 weeks. 

On the bright side I am also getting to travel for work. Work will be flying me to New Jersey this week, where Adventure Buddy is, and I will be assisting at the zip line park there. I am excited to get more experience under my belt in this industry and feel blessed that the owners want to invest in me enough to send me to other locations. Don’t worry, It won’t be all work. I will have time after I am done with my duties to explore and will share it with you.

So before I leave I will round up all my past and recent small adventures to make way for new ones. Including this one to Cape Kiwanda, the full video of my road trip through Canada and potentially another video from my time in Africa! 

Cheers to new adventures!

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Near Cape Perpetua by Al Case

Cape Fatucama - Timor-Leste

At the top of the mountain on Cape Fatucama stands a statue of Jesus Christ, that is often compared to Rio’s Christ the Redeemer. The cape is only a short drive from the Capital of Dili, and offers a great view of the Banda Sea. The stairs leading up to the statue feature more Jesus monuments, depicting important events in Jesus life, including the last supper, and his crucifixion. Locals who visit the site usually light candles, and say prayers on the walk up to the statue. 

On the beaches below and along the rest of the cape, swimming, snorkeling and fishing are great options to escape the heat. 


Join us on a cinematic roadtrip through the south of Portugal. We start our journey in Lisbon, make a short stop at the beautiful palaces of Sintra and then travel all the way south, following Portugal’s magnificent coastline. This video was created for our travel video channel ‘Wingspreader’

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