cape christian

I thought I found all of my childhood “sonic comics” i drew as a kid but i just found another. And I… I think I may… I may have made a brief Sonic OC.

I drew things based on what the Fleetway Sonic the Comic was doing at the time of drawing, and I remember there was some random one issue characters here and there but I don’t recall this dude so I think… I think I made him up???

I know in the comic lore Tonic was Sonic before he got his power sneakers and plot happened but ummm…..

Not sure how you can make someone their EX BROTHER…. maybe estranged was the word i wanted but… that also makes Sonic related to THE DEVIL as well if they are all related? Ummmmm yeah, sure, go for it young me. 

I mean Sega did a half alien hedgehog so why not. Half devil hedgehog EX BROTHER to Sonic. Sega, hire me ~ *finger guns*


“Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders”, paying homage to:

-Tim Burton’s Batman
-The Dark Knight Rises
-Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (comic & movie adaptation)

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