cape blossom

Jasmine Tea

Flowers are blooming and that means it’s time for making jasmine tea!

It’s ridiculously easy.  I start with 8 oz. of loose black tea. And by loose tea, I mean I cut open 100 tea bags and dumped them out in a bowl.

Then I pick four or five cape jasmine blossoms and spoon tea over them. The tea absorbs the scent and that’s what makes jasmine tea so heavenly.

I’m sure there’s a metaphor for covering such pristine beauty with what looks like dirt. But any deeper meaning escapes me. It’s all about the tea.

I replace the flowers every day with fresh flowers. I try to pick them in the morning when they have the most scent. The most difficult part is keeping up with replacing the flowers, if the weather get too cool, the tree won’t keep blossoming. Once the tea starts smelling like jasmine, there’s only one more step.

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