cape arid

Two hours hike from the cape, and I have made maybe three kilometres.

The temperature is over 40 degrees Celsius and I am worried about my water supply. I am moving slowly to limit perspiration.

“Ration your sweat, not your water”. The wisdom is that the best place for your water supply is in your body. So don’t sweat it out!

Walking in this heat is stupid and irresponsible, and if I didn’t know exactly where I was going and how far the destination was, I wouldn’t attempt it.

In a a survival situation, in Australia, always stay with your vehicle as it can be far more easily seen from the air. Otherwise, always travel at night and rest up during the day.

View from Cape Arid.

A desolate and forbidding coastline, if you were unlucky enough to be wrecked here, you may just find enough to drink in rain pools and a few tiny, precious freshwater springs, only to face a punishing journey into the hinterland through thick, spiky scrub infested with poisonous snakes and spiders and almost zero water.