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Imagine Wanting Only This by Kristen Radtke

We’re incredibly excited to announce that we will be publishing Imagine Wanting Only This by Kristen Radtke next year.

Imagine Wanting Only This is a haunting graphic memoir about leaving, and those left behind.

After the sudden death of a beloved uncle, Kristen becomes obsessed with the abandoned places – derelict Midwestern mining towns, an Icelandic village preserved in volcanic ash, Cambodian temples reclaimed by jungle. 

At the same time, she examines what it means to be an artist, to be hungry for the next experience, to be always in transit. 

We can’t wait to share our edition with you. 

Imagine Wanting Only This by Kristen Radtke will be published by Jonathan Cape in April 2018

Here’s my submission for Ravenclaw of the month! I come from Cape Verde, which is a series of west African islands off the coast of Senegal, Africa. Not many people know about us in America, but we have some of the most beautiful music, people, and food in the world! I am from the island of Fogo, which I used to visit fairly regularly as a child with my family, and now that I’m over being ashamed of my hair and my features and my culture after going to an American school with no Cape Verdeans in sight, all I want to do is go back!


OA-7 comes to and end after successful mission.

Following a 54-day mission - including 43 berthed to the International Space Station - the Cygnus OA-7 spacecraft reentered the Earth’s atmosphere Sunday afternoon, June 11.

The S.S. John Glenn, as this Cygnus spacecraft was named, brought 7,442 pounds of cargo and experiments to the orbiting outpost and launched from Cape Canaveral April 18. Arrival and berthing occurred four days later on April 22. 

Although Cygnus was originally intended to remain at the station until July 16, a delay in the arrival of SpaceX’s CRS-11 mission allowed the crew’s schedule to bump up Cygnus’ departure. Expedition 51 crew members detached Cygnus and maneuvered the spacecraft to its departure position the afternoon of June 4.

Once in free flight away from the station, OA-7 released four cubesats carried in an external dispenser - the third spacecraft to do so behind OA-6 and OA-5. The third and final SAFFIRE experiment to test large-scale fires in space was powered up June 8, just three days before Cygnus’ planned reentry. OA-6 and OA-5 carried the SAFFIRE-1 and 2 experiments respectively.

By the time the spacecraft was prepared to deorbit, only one experiment remained on board, the RED-Data-2 instrument. RED-Data-2 is a data recorder that analyzes the destructive reentry of the spacecraft as it breaks up in the intense heat of the Earth’s atmosphere. The 3.5-inch sphere also tested newer heat shield materials for both NASA and SpaceX. Although the sphere was not recovered, it transmitted its data as it fell through the atmosphere.

Orbital ATK’s next Cygnus mission, OA-8E, is scheduled for the autumn of 2017. It will be the first Extended Commercial Resupply Mission bridging the gap between the supply runs of the CRS-1 and CRS-2 contracts.

Behind-the-scenes with Joe Decie

Welcome to the studio of Joe Decie…

Pots of pens - I live in constant fear that my favourite tools will be discontinued. I stockpile for the winter.

Mechanical pencils - nobody needs this many pencils, I just like em. Some people buy nice new shoes, or pay for haircuts… I buy pencils instead.

Leads - I have more chargers than I have electrical items.

Paperwork - I keep paperwork loose on my desk, less important items get filed to the back until they eventually fall off and get lost for ever.

Notes - Bits and pieces get clipped up on a string. Size guides for various projects, drawings by my boy. Gathering dust.

Drawers - I just cram everything in. I dream of having muji level organisation, but I’m just too messy.

Notebooks - I buy the cheap pocket ones. I draw in them and take notes, also shopping lists, I’m not precious. I usually have a few on the go at a time. 

Desk - I don’t know why there’s a nit comb there, we’re a nit free household.

Collecting Sticks by Joe Decie is published by Jonathan Cape on 13th April.