Collection’s Highlight: 20th Century Cape 

There is a very funny note in the database about this record.  The donor remembers buying it sometime in the late 20′s in western Massachusetts and claims it was made by Shakers.  However, it is not really the material Shaker people usually worked in.  Although it is called “Shaker” on the label- perhaps a style or inspired by? Perhaps sold on behalf of the Shaker community?  We just do not know. But if you do I would love to know.  

Regardless, it is a lovely piece.  A quiet gray-blue color accented by the silver and blue silk brocade in the hood and accenting the front.  

Cape, Ca 1925-1940, Hart & Shepard E. Canterbury, Wool, Silk. The Fenimore Art Museum, Cooperstown, New York, Gift of Mrs. Edith Mulhall Achilies, N0003.1950.

 fuckboy and the cape makes me giddy all over

and for those of you still wondering why they went with the outfits they did….
most likely; they were the cheapest and most practical to animate. 
remember the animation budget was slashed by Nickelodeon….