Why Netbattling is the same as Life

The Mega Man Battle Network series is actually an incredible metaphor for life & the challenges it hurls at you. 

Consider the following:

Yes, anyone can make it through the game w/ a Folder full of random junk. But those who expand their Library and spend time refining their choices to best accomplish their goals find greater success (and often better rewards).   

But no matter how long you spend preparing and improving, no matter how much you strategize and adapt your Chips, luck is ALWAYS a factor. Just because you have the ones you want doesn’t mean they’ll always show up when you need them. 

So what happens when you get a bad spread during a major trial? Are you just going to give up and let yourself be DELETEd? Or are you going to take what you’ve got, and use it as efficiently as you can? Chances are you’ll fight. You’ll do it to earn money, to earn resources, or perhaps even to earn the right to survive until the next battle.

But battling alone won’t cut it; you also have to take the initiative to explore. To check out-of-the-way places. To help those in need.  Sometimes the biggest assets to our NaviCust come from helping those around us with their problems 1st and looking for unexpected Connections in places we didn’t think had any value.

And sometimes, along the way, that exploring causes us to run into demons we thought we’d defeated a long time ago, demanding a rematch. But by then, we’re stronger, & if we’ve been improving ourselves it doesn’t matter what Chips we get; we’re flexible enough to make it work.

So what I’m saying is. Life (and Battle Network) isn’t always about having the best options at your disposal. Or even about having good ones. Rather, it’s about finding a Style that works for you, then becoming SO GOOD at it that you can quickly adjust to any unexpected encounters. 

Megaman (and Lan) win because they can change. They are WILLING to change. And they trust that they can use what they have to find victory. But they always keep an eye out for ways to grow stronger, whether through Friends, Chips, or simply gaining more experience in the field. So grab yourself yourself some pants and an UndrShrt, maybe a Barr100 if you need it, and start Busting those enemies holding you back. 

Who knows what you’ll discover? Maybe, just maybe, in the aftermath you’ll find a prize you never knew existed but know exactly what to do with.

Roll from Mega Man 8 drawn with Copic markers.

Just got the Mega Man classic collection on 3DS so I’m in a Mega Man mood. Love Roll’s Mega Man 8 look, had a lot of fun drawing this so I’ll probably do some more traditional stuff.