Weekly Reading List 10

Weekly Recommendations get posted every Thursday. All stories are character x reader unless otherwise stated. 

Star Trek
Imagine Bones talking to you and his daughter by @startrekwonderer
Breathless by @auduna-druitt
I won’t bite by @medicatemedrmccoy
For You by @imagineangryspacegrump
Red by @kaitymccoy123
Safety in Numbers by @mybullshitsensesaretingling
Being Sarcastic with Bones by @youre-on-a-starship
Sing It To Me by @kaitymccoy123
An Uphill Battle by @outside-the-government          

Jim Kirk
Imagine Cheering Jim up at a Bar by @startrekwonderer
Take Care of You by @mybullshitsensesaretingling
Winter Blues by @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse
Snowflakes by @imaginenterprise

Into Darkest Dreams by @starshiphufflebadger

How Is It That You Love Me So Damn Much? by This_ape_writes
‘Need” is a Strong Word by Rosa_abo (Rosawyn)

Steve Rogers
I’m Safest at Home by @marvelandassociates
Rain Makes the Flowers Grow by @opaque-daydream
Thinking of Us by @blog-of-a-multitude-of-fandoms
Bluebird by @knittingknerdy
I Didn’t Know (Not Your Fault) by @impala666
Cold Nights by @starspangleyimagines
The Inner Monologue of Captain Rogers by @goodnightwife
Lucy by @mavengers
He Fights for by @marvelandassociates
Dirty-Minded Cap by @fvckingsteverogers
Let Me Break Your Heart by @itsanerdlife (she will step all over your heart)
Super Bowl Sunday by @itsanerdlife

Tony Stark
Untitled by @writers-square
And If I Say No? by @writers-square
“Baby Stark” by @ourpeachskies

Law and Order: SVU
Rafael Barba
Stitch by Stitch by @moresvuheadcanons
Sweet Talker by @rauliskafan
How to Stop Time by @musingsongbird
Letting Go of Tension by @xemopeachx
Find Me Guilty by @mrsrafaelbarba
Barba’s Stuble by @fanfictionforsvu
The Feeling of Audible Cracks by @carisiismyhomeboy
Homecooked by @hiddndaydreams
Untitled by @evs14u

Dwayne Pride
Chef Pride by @lucifersagents

Tony DiNozzo
None this week 

Criminal Minds
Aaron Hotchner
Plain, White T-shirtPart 2 by @madamredwrites
Nothing Without You by @theunholygrails
All the Time by @kaunis-sielu

Modern AU
Biscuits and Gravy by @atari-writes Bones

Toddler Shenanigans by @captainjimsexypantskirk Leonard McCoy
Jack and Cuddles by @a-court-of-stydia Aaron Hotchner
The Starks by @kaunis-sielu
Tell Him by @pixiesimagines Tony Stark
Proud Poppa by @kaunis-sielu Bucky 

A/B/O Dynamics
Love and Protected by @It-sammi-matthews John Kennex
Oil and Antiseptic by @whatif-animagineblog Scotty 

Misc Fandoms
The Text by @ohbelieveyoume Barba and Lucy
Evangelina Barba by @esparzart Rafael Barba
Make Me Forget by @amarabliss Jacob Frye
Heroes by @s-eba Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne Request by @fangirlfanwritings
Queen of the North by @thatoneimaginesblog Robb Stark
Home Sweet Nerf Gun by @thejamesoldier Bucky Barnes (stop writing cute bucky barnes stories)

Karl Urban
Old Money by @theunholygrails Bones x OFC
Through Good and Bad by @It-sammi-matthews John Kennex
The Siren Call by @It-sammi-matthews Black Hat
After Shift by @lurkch Bones x OC

Chris Evans (apparently I had a thing for Chris Evans this week)
Coffee Confessions by @soulful-ofevans
Quarterback Comeback by @soulful-ofevans
Halftime Show by @fvckingsteverogers
Untitled by @sleeping-inthe-shadows
A Needed Night of Romance by @avengedwritings
First Steps by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing
The Patriot’s Boy by @soulful-ofevans
Disney and a Date by @poorcap

Birthday Challenge

Natasha Sexuality Headcanons

Natasha Romanof is a

so i think because,like steve(check out my steve headcanons), has not had examples of healthy romantic and platonic relationships (red room). So i feel that would have an effect on her development and thought processes towards the different attractions. So idemromantics decide wether they categorize their attraction by factors and not really based on what they are feeling since they experience platonic attraction and romantic attraction similarly. I feel becuase of Natasha’s training with dealing with things logically and not based on feelings and emotions this definition fits what i think she would do. She would not be used to just going by feelings and its comfortable for her to base it off of other situational factors.
-natasha the questioning-lesbian during red room (wow katya is hot who knew)
-natasha: the confident lesbian
-natasha would be able to complete her honeypot missions with ease to me because she wouldnt feel any attraction to males
-female honeypot missions on the other hand she doesnt take
- a certain someone (*coughcpugh Tony Stark) thinks shes homophobic (check out my tony stark sexuality headcanons)
- a certain (meddling) someone confronts her which then leads to said certain someone coming out to her and her coming out to him because she trusts him -
-natasha romanoff and tony stark are budddddddies 🔥🔥👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 —-
-natasha trusting clint with her sexuality clint being supportive and hooking her up with people
-clint and tony hooking her up with people they know
-that scene in winter soldier where natasha is trying to hook steve up with somebody but now opposite
-natasha and karen from forensics sitting in a tree they had sex this e-ve-ning lols
-natasha the heart breaker
-Natasha the occasional butch
-Natasha The Lesbian: Disappointing Straight ,Bisexual, and Pansexual Men Since 1993

Old School Recommendations

Stories that got me started on Tumblr

Star Trek

Chasing You For an Exam by  @youre-on-a-starship
Getting Stuck in the MirrorVerse by @youre-on-a-starship
Tattooed by @whereno1701hasgonebefore
Smart by @whereno1701hasgonebefore
Flattery Gets You Everything by @dolamrothianlady
Refusal by @locke-writes
Night Swimming by @bkwrm523
Imagine Bones taking care of you when you have a migraine. by @imamotherfuckingstar-lord

James T. Kirk
Wrong Bed by @whereno1701hasgonebefore
Rescued from an Exploding Starship by @youre-on-a-starship
Imagine Jim Reassuring You That You’re Amazing by @youre-on-a-starship
Cupcakes by @mybullshitsensesaretingling
One is Silver and the Other’s Gold by @mybullshitsensesaretingling
I Chose You by @amarabliss
Imagine trying to tell Jim a secret by @imamotherfuckingstar-lord

Law and Order: SVU
Rafael Barba
Baby Barba Blues by @ohbelieveyoume
All Work & All Play by @ohbelieveyoume
Sunrise by @rauliskafan
Superhero by @rauliskafan
A Long Night by @svu-stories
Playing Dress Up by @svu-stories
Imagine Rafael and your finding you are receiving death threats by @svubloods
Imagine Danny walking in on you and Rafael by @svubloods
Slow Dancing with Barba by @svuimagines
Rafael Forgetting to Speak English by @svuimagines

The Avengers
Steve Rogers

The Blue Stick by @itsanerdlife
Single Looks Good by @itsanerdlife
I Thought You Were Different by @imagine-assembling-the-avengers
Baby by @imagines-for-the-fangirls-soul
Family by @avengersassemble-imagines
Dance of Destiny by @after-avenging-hours

Criminal Minds
Aaron Hotchner
Meeting Hotch by @kaunis-sielu
Running by @kaunis-sielu
Guilty by @criminallysupernatural
A Night Off by @criminallysupernatural
Sick Day by @ncis-criminalminds
Wounds by @ncis-criminalminds

Dwayne Pride
Meeting the Newest Member of Your Husband’s Team by @mardi-gras-imagines
Pride’s secret spouse& introduces you to the team at a fancy party. @mardi-gras-imagines
Pride tells Loretta about his first date with you @mardi-gras-imagines

Tony DiNozzo
Very Special Agent Father of Two by @itswitchcraft-not-googlemaps
I’m Confessin’ by @itswitchcraft-not-googlemaps
Stakeouts with Tony by @lucifersagents
Please by @lucifersagents

Misc. Fandoms
You Are Bound to Me by @coyoteimagines Eomer
I Beg Your Pardon by @coyoteimagines Eomer

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Deja Vu - Steven Universe Animation
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Weekly Reading List 14

Weekly Recommendations get posted every Thursday. All stories are character x reader unless otherwise stated.

Star Trek
Leonard McCoy
Save the Last Dance by @imoutofmyvulcanmind
Overwhelmed by @atari-writes
Dui-Guee Style by @angryschnauzer NSFW
On the Futility of Revenge by @bkwrm523 NSFW
Messy by @kaitymccoy123
Make A Wish by @littlecarowrites
Home by @theysentushope
The Great Divide by @imoutofmyvulcanmind
Worm by @randomlittleimp
Pavlovian Boner by @atari-writes
Save the Last Dance by @imoutofmyvulcanmind
OverWhelmed by @atari-writes
There You’ll Be by @imoutofmyvulcanmind

Jim Kirk
Considering by @imamotherfuckingstar-lord
…Take Me Back To When by @whereno1701hasgonebefore
Lost Days by @kaitymccoy123
Loot by @enterprisewriting

The Road to Enterprise? by @thevalesofanduin
A Hypo For My Heart by @thevalesofanduin
Primum Non Nocere by @thevalesofanduin

Steve Rogers
Just Ask by @softcorehippos
If You Go in by @whotheeffisbucky
That’s A Really Big Cat by @writers-square
Looking for Love by @buckyisthebest
Philophobia by @vibranium-ass
Splash by @atari-writes NSFW
Untitled by @goodnightwife
Thanks, Steve by @pleasecallmecaptain
I’m Here to Pick Up a Fossil by @imagine-assembling-the-avengers
Dirty Laundry by @itsanerdlife
Workout Clothes by @officialheroesofolympus

Tony Stark
From this Moment by @writers-square
The Other Stark by @meganlpie
How Whiskey Feels by @travelwithwords
Sundays by @brucxbannxr

Law and Order: SVU
Rafael Barba
.76 by @svu-stories
Bad Idea by @fanfictionforsvu NSFW
Allergic to Valentines by @mrsrafaelbarba
Late Night Desires by @minidodds NSFW
.77 by @svu-stories
Haunted by @mrsrafaelbarba

Tony DiNozzo
The NCIS Team Comes to Watch You Play Soccer by @silentwaters4

Criminal Minds
Aaron Hotchner
All Dogs Go to Heaven by @imagicana
Telling Stories by @profiler-in-training
Where You Are by @kaunis-sielu
Birthday Blues by @of-badges-and-guns

Soulmate AU
Heart Skip by @after-avenging-hours Steve Rogers 
I’ve Got You Under My Skin by @outside-the-government​ Leonard McCoy
Born Again by @itsanerdlife​ Steve Rogers

Daddy’s Little Girl by @It-sammi-matthews John Kennex 
Cinderella by @becaamm Tony Stark 
Tea Party for 9 by @itsanerdlife Steve Rogers 
Mini Matchmaker Bonus Scene  by @avengerofyourheart Steve Rogers 
Good Cop, Bap Cop by @mrsrafaelbarba Rafael Barba 
Delirious by @lazydoodlesandfanfic​ Tony Stark 

Misc Fandoms
In Good Hands by @itsanerdlife Sam Wilson x Reader (Steve’s Wife) 
Imagine starting a secret relationship with Frank Reagan by @svubloods Frank Reagan
Robb Stark x Reader (The Smut To End All Smut) by @angiebeth-0616 NSFW
She’s in Love with the Boy by @meganlpie Clint Barton
Three Little Words by @writingdayandnight Jaime Reagan 

Chris Evans
Imagine Chris taking you to Rome for a romantic getaway by @ohevansmycaptain

Birthday Challenge Updated

Star Trek Fairytale AU Updated

My Requests Updated

@thelawschooldiva @annalisehartmann

Happy Halloween Avengers!!

This is a Halloween Themed Groupchat. Happy Halloween to everyone, hope all of you stay safe! And to those that don’t celebrate Halloween, Happy Random day, hope you have a nice day!

*•*•*• 7:35 pm•*•*•*

Y/n has added, Wanda, Peter, Steve, Natasha, Vision, and Bucky to the groupchat.


Natasha: Happy Halloween sweetie

Peter: Happy Halloween Y/n!!! You’re sharing your candy right?

Wanda: Happy Halloween guys

Y/n: No Parker. Mine, all mine.

Bucky: I don’t really celebrate Halloween anymore because its pointless. Now can I go back to my workout?


Bucky: ?

Steve: I understood that reference!

Peter: Hahaha

Wanda: Y/n lets cut to the chase. You want to prank the rest of the avengers huh?

Y/n: YES!

Vision: I’m not sure that is such a good idea…


Steve: play pranks on who??

Bucky: If its on Sam I’m in too.

Natasha: and if one is on Clint I will definitely help

Y/n: YAAAAY! So for sure we are scaring/pranking Clint, Sam, and Tony.

Peter: What about Thor and Bruce?

Steve: Not Bruce guys- we don’t know how he might take it.

Vision: He may be okay with the prank Capatin

Steve: I rather not risk it

Natahsa: and we can’t do thor because he’s on Asgard

Peter: Enough chitchat! Lets go scaring !!

Wanda: Lets prank Stark first!!

Peter Y/n and Wanda, have left the groupchat

Vision: should we stop them??

Natasha: Definitely Not.

Bucky: Now I can help prank Sam!

Steve: don’t do anything too over the top. Its only Halloween, its Scare-pranking…but also wait for me- I have the PERFECT idea on how to scare Sam!

Natahsa: Lets do this.

Natasha, Steve, Vision, and Bucky, have left the groupchat.

*•*•*• 10:28 pm •*•*•*

Tony has joined the groupchat


Y/n, Wanda, Natasha, and Peter have joined the groupchat

Wanda: You’re wrong Stark…IT WAS HILARIOUS

Peter: Its just a Halloween scare Mr. Stark, please don’t be mad

Natasha: Who said it was fake blood?

Tony: WHAT!? all of you are evil little witches

Steve has joined the groupchat

Steve: I see the plan for scaring Tony worked. Good job team :)

Y/n: thanks cap, did your spooktacular-scare work on Sam?

Bucky has joined the groupchat

Bucky: like a charm ;)

Peter: Hahaha I need to see the recording of that

Steve: Sam was terrified of the “ghosts”

Bucky: who knew Sam had such a phobia of spirits

Natasha: did he scream?

Bucky: it was very high-pitched and loud. i think i may have gone deaf from his shrill scream

Wanda: Ooh so thats what that noise was. I thought Natasha was training some new recruits again

Sam has joined the groupchat


Peter: what are friends?

Natahsa: don’t ask Stark he has none

Tony: HEY!

Y/n: oh me too Petey

Steve: I’m your friend… :(

Wanda: they don’t mean it Cap

Y/n: yeah its just a joke. You’re my friend Stevie ❤️

Clint has joined the groupchat


Natasha: um… What are you talking about Clint?

Tony: yeah birdbrain you’re not making sense


Peter: Clint you’re scaring me

Bucky: did anyone get to scare-pranking Clint yet?

Y/n: No…we didn’t have time. I got distracted by Wanda’s yummy Halloween cookies.


Steve: Clint! Get out of there thats not any of us!!!

Clint: suuurrre

Natasha: I swear if you die on Halloween I will pull you from your grave and kill you again!

Tony: huh birdy is gonna die on Halloween- I wonder of he’ll haunt us

Clint: Who is making it really cold in here?


Vision has joined the groupchat

Vision: I have detected some force inside the main living room

Steve: Leave the room Clint thats an order!

Clint: I can’t! The room is in lock down mode!!! The doors are locked and the metal walls are room thick!

Clint: Guys, something just brushed past me, its so cold..

Wanda: No I can’t lose Clint he’s like a father to me!!


Natasha: So help me Barton don’t get posses either

Clint: ohmygod

Bucky: what?

Vision: I have calculated a route to get to Clint. Shall we go rescue him?

Steve: Yep. Avengers…


Natasha, Tony, Wanda , Bucky, Y/n , Vision, Steve, and Sam have left the groupchat

Clint: its breathing down my neck, halp

*•*•*• 11: 14 •*•*•*

Pietro has joined the groupchat

Pietro: ha! I am the ultimate scare/pranking king! I scared all of the avengers, you’ve been Pietro’d

Pietro has left the groupchat

Deadpool: thats Loki’s thing speedy. oh, and Happy Halloween everyone! HAHAHAHHA I love fourthwall breaks

Deadpool has left the groupchat


Requested by @raised-by-fandoms

What they want: Can I request an avengers x reader where the readers the youngest and they all think she’s so innocent but she sneaks out to go to peters house and then they have a game night and they play cards against humanity and some secrets get spilled?Yea and have him if it’s not too late have Peter go to the game night and everyone is completely shocked when there’s extreme sexual tension between Peter and reader

Auothers note: I already wrote this but I forgot to save it in my drafts and it ended up being deleted but yeah Peter is 16 in this same as the reader the Avengers aren’t together. Reader is a mutant on Steve’s side while Tony has Peter. It probably won’t be as good as the first one and that pisses me off since im on a time limit right now but yeah enjoy.


(Y/n) rolled her (e/c) eyes at Clint again, he was giving her the same speech he had always given her while they went out on mission apparently Tony needed Steve’s help on this one and the team was picking Clint up from his house on the farm.

(Y/n) continued to eat her apple on which she decide to have for a quick breakfast this morning. “And remember no boys over.” Clint reminded, Laura clint’s wife came up behind him and placed her hand on his shoulder. “I’m sure she knows by now honey.”

Picking up her back pack and saying her goodbyes to the family she used her teleportation powers to appear at school, but still being new to her powers she ended up in a empty boys bathroom stall. Peeking out of the bathroom stall (y/n) saw the bathroom fully empty. Quickly exiting the bathroom she made her way down the hallway towards Peter who was standing at his locker.

How did she know Peter? Well just like Tony, steve decided to have a young super hero on his team too, but (y/n) not fully being a good guy or a bad guy just like her older brother wade, decided to join them after all the infamous Capatin America and Black Widow came to wades apartment to request her help. (Y/n) being a young mutant with powers such as teleportation and levitation she would be a great help to the team so Steve started training her with the help of Clint and Wanda.

Once school ended (y/n) told Laura that she would be over at Peter’s house so that they could do homework together, after promising to not stay over their too late she teleported over to his house appearing behind a near by car in which she rushed from behind and knocked on his house door.

Once Aunt May had opened the door and they both exchanged greetings (y/n) ran up towards Peter’s bedroom seeing the door cracked opened she entered to see him sitting doing his homework on his bed. “Still doing your homework I see.” (Y/n) said flopping down on a near by chair, Peter smiled up at his bestfriend and closed his books stacking them all on one side of his bed.

Leaning back in the chair (y/n) focused her eyes on the ceiling counting the cracks on them. “Wanna play a game?” Peter asked breaking the silence. After agreeing to play a game both teens decided on playing ‘Games Against Humanity’. While playing this game it was extremely awkward but funny for the two some one the cards answered were awkward and extremely inappropriate.

‘Round 1’
Black Cards:
Step 1:
Step 2:
Step 3: Profile

White Cards:
Date rape

‘Round 2’
Black Cards:
I’m sorry, Professor. But I couldn’t complete my homework because of.

White Cards:
Having sex on top of a pizza box.

As the rounds went by the two could feel the tension in the air, not a competitive tension but more of a sexual tension. Peter would look up every now and then at (y/n) and just stare. Completely feeling the tension in the air (y/n) took a risk and leaned forward her lips falling right onto Peter catching the teen boy by surprise Peter still kissed back.
After a few moments both teens pulled back and smiled at each other, “I’ve really wanted to do that for some time now.” (Y/n) whispered getting a me too in response.
Peter’s cell phone started ringing and saw it wss Tony, answering it (y/n) stepped out of the room to give him some privacy, standing in front of his door Peter came out and told her that they were back and Clint was waiting at the tower for (y/n) nodding both teens left but not before saying goodbye to aunt may and (y/n) teleported them both into the main room where both teams was waiting. Almost as if he could see it Tony spoke up pointing at them both and making a circle with his finger around them, “What’s up with this whole, you know sexual tension i see around you two?” Almost instantly both teens blushed but blushed even harder once Wanda yelled out, “OMG YOU TWO KISSED!”, in front of everyone.

“Better Hands” - Part 3

“Better Hands” - Part 3

( Part 1 / Part 2 )

My Masterlist - Here

Leonard “Bones” McCoy x Reader

Word Count: 2473

Key: Y/N = Your Name, L/N = Your Last Name, H/C = Your Hair Color, E/C = Your Eye Color

Warnings: Talk of Abuse, Mentions of Abusive Ex, Cursing, Talk of Injuries,

Summary: After being in an abusive relationship, you have been able to turn your life around thanks to the help of the team. But when you have to go back to your ex for some of your things, some shit goes down.

Originally posted by urban-trek-thru-middle-earth

Author’s Note: So this is my first Star Trek piece and I’m super fuckin nervous about it. I’m not a huge Trekkie, but I am a fan of the newer films. Those are what I base my fics off of unless stated otherwise. But yeah, I hope you enjoy!

Special shout outs to @goodnightwife and @the-witching-hours12-3 for beta reading and being helpful during my hiatus. <3 Please go check out their works!

If you would like to be tagged in any of my future pieces (All Works, Specific Fandoms, or Specific Multi-Parts), please let me know! And as always, feedback is greatly appreciated!


- DreaSaurusREX

Tags: @goodnightwife @the-witching-hours12-3 @theeactress @feelmyroarrrr

Waking up in bed with Leonard always made you smile. You weren’t a morning person, but if you woke up to the love of your life every morning, you could start to really enjoy them. His warmth, his protective, comforting hold on you, even his voice before bed or when just waking up. You loved everything about it. But something was off this morning.

You were laying on your side and he was behind you with his hand gently on your hip instead of tightly wrapped around you. You realized that it was probably because he was worried about putting too much pressure on your wounds. Thank god he let you take some sort of sedative to help you sleep through the pain. There was no way you could have slept well without it last night; the pain from the bruises and cuts plus the new stitches made it difficult to get comfy.

Intertwining your fingers with his, he started to stir awake. You tried to turn around to face him, but instead flinched from a sharp pain in your shoulder. As soon as he heard you hiss in pain, Leonard was sitting up and worried. You tried to lay on your back, to just grab his hand, and tell him that you were fine.

“It’s okay. I’m okay. Just kind of forgot about everything. I wanted to see your face.” You managed to chuckle and smile through the pain. Leonard chuckled along with you before kissing you softly as if he was afraid of hurting you more. He pulls away, but you  pout playfully. Leonard gives you a confused look.

“What’s wrong, darlin’?”

“What the hell was that ?” He looks at you with a growing smile, he starts to lean down while you rest your hand at the base of his neck and run your fingers through his hair. The kiss becomes a bit more heated and you both forget about your injuries for a minute. It wasn’t until Leonard tried to snake his hand around your back that you were reminded . His hand had hit a  sensitive bruise on the back of your ribs, causing you to arch away from his touch and quickly pull away from his lips. Leonard started to apologize.

“I’m sorry, sweetheart! I guess I got lost in the moment. I–” You cut him off with another short kiss before pulling back and responding.

“It’s fine. I’m fine. I’ll survive.” You tried your best to smile. He looks at you like he didn’t believe you 100%.

“I know you will survive. You’re a fighter.” He kisses you one more time before getting up from the bed. “Now, you stay there. I’m gonna make us some breakfast and bring it back in here.” You start to shift yourself to an upright position when Leonard turns around in the doorway and points his finger “I mean it, (Y/N). Stay.”

But of course you don’t listen.

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10 Fictional Characters I Would Kiss

Thank you so much @honeystilinski​ for tagging me!. Also this was harder than I thought ahaha.

1. Stiles Stilinski

Originally posted by imagines-of-a-fangirl

2. Barry Allen

Originally posted by telefilmaddictedforever

3. Theo Raeken

Originally posted by stilinski-jpeg

4. Steve Rogers/Captain America

Originally posted by james-nat

5. Isaac Lahey

Originally posted by i-can-see-the-stars-from-america

6. Jake Riley

Originally posted by chriswood-daily

7. Kol Mikelason

Originally posted by princesduparis

8. Derek Hale

Originally posted by dont-stop-doin-what-youre-doin1

9. Ray Palmer

Originally posted by giraffenkuss

10. Vincent Keller

Originally posted by prettylittlevampirebeasts

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