Holiday Traditions

holiday traditions w your avenger boo pt 1

Bucky: Having family in Maine was a blessing, since all you and Bucky wanted to do was take a vacation during the holidays. Your aunt and uncle loved having you stay in their beach house, and despite the cold temperatures, the beach was still an amazing sight in the Northeast. The puppy that you and Bucky had adopted over the summer was enjoying the snow on the ground, and you watched him run around while Bucky threw a toy for him to chase. It was an every year thing with Bucky, where he would promise no gifts and then manage to pull out something on Christmas morning that blew you away. The previous year was when he proposed during the breakfast on Christmas morning. So you always feel bad for not getting him anything, until he reminds you that you’re the greatest gift ever given to him.

Steve: There were very few things that Steve could truly say that he loved out loud, and two of those things were you, and being home at his apartment in Brooklyn. So when the Holidays finally rolled around, and you were able to leave the compound to just go home and relax with him, it was like Steve’s greatest dream finally coming true. The first few days of your holiday vacation were spent just lounging around in his apartment and lots of cuddling, amongst other activities. But then Steve starts to plan little day trips, like seeing the tree lighting in Rockefeller Center, going to see the Rockettes, and fancy dinners throughout the city. It was always an adventure, but the both of you settled finally on Christmas day, just enjoying one another’s presence.

Peter: That boy sure loves his Aunt May, so during the Holidays you always make sure to plan a trip for her to come see him. With how much the Avengers had been needed in the past year, he moved into the compound officially, and never had any time to go back to the city. So Christmas morning, May got to the compound nice and early and started making breakfast for everyone. The whole team was more than happy to see her beautiful face in the kitchen, and Peter was ecstatic when he finally awoke from his slumber. She had even brought little gifts for everyone to have, one being a gorgeous necklace for you. Christmas night was full of old stories from May, and even Thor threw in a few from his time on Asgard. Within those 24 hours everyone decided that it would be an every year tradition for May to come to the compound, from there on out.

Thor: Since he wasn’t from this planet, Christmas was a foreign concept to him. But after a few years of being around the Avengers during the Holiday time, he finally came to realize that it was a time for being with your loved ones, and giving amazing gifts. So every other year Thor takes you to Asgard to be with his family, and then the latter was being at the Avenger’s compound where Thor became the designated Santa for the Avenger’s kids. Some years you didn’t know whether he truly understood what Santa was, but it was still so entertaining to see the kids screaming and giggling as the attempted to climb up his arms and legs. At the end of the Christmas day when it was just the two of you in your shared bedroom, Thor always gives you the best possible present that anyone could want, his love.

Natasha: Everything about Christmas with her is perfect, and surprisingly she’s the one who books everything for your trip to her condo in Russia. For a couple years she even had Bucky and Steve come stay with the two of you to celebrate Christmas. It seems as if her love for you during the Holiday season is more vibrant than ever, even her hair looks a brighter red than usual. Nat being in her home country and getting to see her cousins just really brings out a lovely side of her that you knew was there, but rare to find since she keeps up a hard facade for the rest of the world, unless she was around you or the team. So, as much as you’re freezing in Moscow every year, you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world than Nat’s arms every Christmas.

Clint: The holidays are either a breeze, or a whole entire function with Clint. Most years, all he wanted to do was just be home with you and the kids, and have a beer as he watched the kids open presents on Christmas morning. You enjoyed cooking a huge breakfast for everyone, and seeing the kids play with their new toys. Also, Clint is the king of Amazon Prime, so he had some of the best gifts for you and the kids. But then came the other years, when he invited all of his brothers to your farm in Maine. Clint didn’t see how rowdy they truly were, and how much cleaning had to occur over their five day stay. No matter who was at your house, or who wasn’t, you were just happy to be able to be home and have the loves of your life there with you.

T’Challa: Although he is very courteous at all times, during the holidays especially, he just already has everything he ever needs. So needless to say, it’s hard for you to find him a good gift. So once when the two of you finally have your week off from Avengers work, and King and Queen duties, it’s spent loving on each other. Sure, some of the time is spent shopping to see if there’s anything you could possibly get him, but it’s damn near impossible. So come Christmas morning, the both of you are always wrapped up in satin sheets, not even bothering to go see what’s under the tree. All you need is right in front of you, with his arms wrapped around you and lips on your forehead.

Can you imagine Steve trying to convince everyone at avengers tower to trust Bucky and just give him a chance and let him join the team and meanwhile as everyone is arguing and talking over each other no one notices Bucky off in the corner by himself casually pick up mjolnir and inspect it like its nothing, and Thor sees him and tells everyone to SHUT UP and he nods towards Bucky and they all stare shocked while Steve is just so smug and proud and Bucky notices them all staring at him and says “What? Like it’s hard?”

Why Are Female Superheroes Always Being Nerfed in Movies?

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I tend to believe (or at least try to believe) that most people’s expressions don’t originate from a place of bad intention. I don’t think most screenwriters or directors surreptitiously conspire to make female audience members feel as though they are lesser. But I also recognize that the resonance of cultural/societal bias has reverberating strength so, whether the offense be deliberate or subconscious, it deserves to be discussed if it seems palpable. To me, it’s an undeniable truth that when women are in possession of power in fiction, they are far more likely to be depicted as being out of control of it and/or far less confident in it than male peers. Because of this, they tend to the get the shaft and become less integral as a result which I believe sends a very bad message. So please, don’t take this post as some incendiary call to arms or indictment of anyone, I just want to share some observations. I’m still a fan, I’m still going to be seeing these movies and there are still lots of things I still like about them. 

This whole thing occurred to me, for possibly the billionth time, when I was watching a clip from Captain America: Civil War. A bevy of Avengers charge at Bucky Barnes, Tony gets to catch a bullet before being smacked down and T’Challa gets right back up again after taking a few hits, meanwhile, Sharon Carter gets flipped into table and Natasha gets subdued by simple strangulation. It cuts deeper seeing ‘Tasha be made such a fool by him because A) she has a long history of being exceptionally formidable in the comics (particularly against Bucky- see below) and B) this is the second time this has happened. Like the last time, she straddled him and, like last time, she’s tapped in a fraction of a second. Also, take note, a lot of her lead-in is dependent upon Sharon’s diversion. Look at the way a de-suited Tony so confidently smacks Bucky when, really, he’s the one of the crew (maybe above Sharon) with the least melee experience. Logically, his attack should’ve been the easiest to subvert even with a bullet-blocking hand, it’s as though 2 women=1 unarmed Iron Man.

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Kylo Ren High School AU relationship headcanons

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♦ Kylo always admired you from afar because he thought you‘re the prettiest and smartest student at the whole school. He was really impressed by you because you weren’t afraid of him or his gang. Also you treated him like a normal human being and not like a bully or some kind of monster like other students did and he appreciated that.

♦ Whenever he saw you somewhere in school he stared at you. You always thought he‘s angry at you for some reason or that you insulted him in some kind of way but actually he wanted your attention and he didn‘t knew how to express his interest towards you.

♦ He always told his best friends Phasma and Hux about you and Hux was so annoyed by it because Kylo came at least once a day up to him and Phasma to tell them that he fell in love with you. Daily. But Phasma wasn‘t annoyed at all , she shipped you guys and hoped you‘d end up together.
„Yeah so the teacher told her to work together with me in science class because every other student refused to and she wasn‘t afraid of me ! Also our hands touched accidentally and she wasn‘t disgusted , she‘s so cute I think I‘m in love.“
„Instead of falling in love you could work on our group project , how about that !? Group project as in you need to do something too because I don‘t want to get a bad grade , neither do I want to do everything alone !“
„Oh Huxie ,  don‘t be a bitch. Go for it Kylo , if you want to I could ask her in the  girls bathroom if she has a crush on someone ? The last time I‘ve met her she borrowed me her lipstick because I‘ve lost mine. , she‘s really nice.“
„No thanks Phasma , I need to do this alone but if you want to help you could give me some advice what girls like and what I could do to win her heart.“
„Honestly I don‘t really know what other girls like but I‘ve watched this tv series last weekend where a boy had the same problem and he tried to court her with poems and pick up lines. You should try it too but honestly I think you should win her as a friend firstly.“

♦ A word and a blow the next day Kylo came up to you in the schoolyard while you worked on your math homework. First he stared at you like he always did and after a while you felt really uncomfortable so you asked him what‘s the matter and if he could stop to stare at you. He pulled out his phone and started to read out some really cheesy love poems for you. You didn‘t knew how to react but then you had to laugh because the things he read out loud were just so hilarious and stupid. He stopped and you told him that you didn‘t knew he could be so funny. Of course you knew why he read out these poems for you but you wanted to know him better before you decided to date him so you asked him if he wants to got to the cinema with you after school. The date went pretty well and you became really good friends with him.

♦ Shortly after the date Kylo introduced you to his best friends Phasma and Hux. Phasma thought Kylo introduced you because you two were a couple now so she joked around and asked you if it‘s hard to be the girlfriend of the biggest dork in the whole school. You didn‘t knew how to respond to her because did she knew something you didn‘t ? Told Kylo his friends you‘re a couple ? This would be pretty fine but it would be cool if you‘d know this too. Phasma saw how shocked Kylo reacted and how confused you looked at her and in this moment she understood that Kylo didn‘t confessed his feelings to you yet.
„Whoops. I‘m really sorry Ren but it was time for her to find out anyway. I think we‘ll leave you alone now , see you later !“
„It‘s not fair that other people know sooner about my own relationship than I do. Honestly we would be a really cute couple … don‘t you think Kylo ?“
„I… uh… yeah we would. I mean if you want to be my girlfriend this would be really nice because I like you really much and I really appreciate your
friendship !“

♦ You were quite popular and almost everyone knew your name in school , Kylo on the other hand hadn‘t much friends at all because he scared everyone away so most people were bewildered when they heard that you started to date the most creepy guy at school. After a while the people around you started to talk bad about your relationship and that it would be only a matter of time until you break up with him. It really bothered Kylo because you were his first great love and he didn‘t want to lose you. As a result he tried to do everything for you , he did your homework , he carried your books around for you and he made you constant compliments. You thought he‘s just a bit clingy but then you‘ve heard what the people said about your relationship yourself. You were furious but most people who gossiped about you and Kylo didn‘t even had a relationship themselves or they always had the kind of relationship which maintained for only two weeks so instead of being angry you ignored these people but you talked with Kylo about it. He was really happy when you addressed the problem so relaxed because he thought you‘d care more about your reputation than about your relationship.

♦ Kylo skipped school quit often and it bothered you because you thought he‘d get into trouble for it or even worse he‘d get expelled from school so you picked him up for school every morning. His parents thanked you for your effort to get him into school because Kylo ignored them completely. He always complained that you don‘t have to do it but actually he was really happy to see your pretty face so soon in the morning and he felt flattered how much you cared about him.

♦ Ever school has a Queen Bee and at your school it was Thanisson and his boyfriend Mitaka. You didn‘t like Thanisson and Thanisson didn‘t like you but Mitaka was a good friend of yours so whenever Thanisson threw a big party in the house of his parents Mitaka invited you. You loved parties and especially the ones Thanisson organized because they were simply the best , you had so much fun there but Kylo hated parties. The music was too loud , the people were annoying and everyone was drunk. He hated everything about them but he followed you to Thanissons party anyway. First of all he wanted to make you happy and secondly because he didn‘t trusted the drunk guys on the party and he was afraid they would flirt with you or even worse harass you when he isn‘t around. Actually Kylo had much fun at the party and he was able to show some of his classmates that he‘s a pretty cool and funny guy. After the party Kylo took you to his house because you were way too drunk to go home alone and he knew you‘d get in trouble with your parents so he called them to tell them that you‘ll stay at his house over night. He hoped you‘d cuddle a bit with him but instead you ate all his food and then you fell asleep in his bed. You took so much space he weren‘t able to join you so he slept on the couch in the living room instead.

♦ Sometimes you helped Kylo with his homework because you knew he wouldn‘t do them himself. To see what he had to do for homework and to see what he was able to do you thought it would be a good idea to check his notepad. He scribbled so many little hearts with your name in it in and he mixed your names together to see what would sound good.
„Kylo (Y/L/N) x (Y/N) Ren.
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 he wants to say i l o v e you, but keeps it to g o o d n i g h t.
because love will mean some falling. & he’s afraid of heights.❝

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