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12 + eyebrows

I highly doubt I’ll ever finish this, but here’s a sketch of Clara forcing Twelve to watch Frozen for Whouffaldi month lmao

Sometimes you just gotta curl up in your favorite socks and pajamas to a classic Disney movie.

Anyone notice how she’s wearing one of his hoodies?

For those of y’all who didn’t get the memo, July is now the official Whouffaldi month to celebrate the wonderful Twelve/Clara goodness we’ve historically gotten in July (the spinny hug trailer, SDCC 2015, news of Clara’s return, Twelve remembering Clara, ect), so let’s fill this month full of all the Whouffaldi fandom has to offer in terms of art, fics, edits, and everything else!!!! :D

Two weeks ago we had the Doctor say in the show itself that he is “Doctor Who” and that he likes the name (as does Peter Capaldi, who often refers to himself as Doctor Who). So I don’t really think we can accuse anyone of being a “fake fan” for calling the character Doctor Who.


Three things from the first three minutes of Randall’s first episode:

1. They haven’t even met yet and you can already tell Randall is 110% done with Hector’s unprofessional behavior.

2. As Bel quickly discovers, if you want someone to keep you humble, Randall’s your guy.  Because if you want praise from him, you’re going to have to earn it. Luckily for Bel, she’s more than capable.

3. Lix rushing into the lift is the very first time we see Randall and Lix together. What’s interesting is how insignificant it seems since, if you didn’t know better, you would think they were complete strangers.  Which of course is significant in its own way, but only in retrospect. 

Although when Randall and Bel are waiting outside the lift and Randall is looking around very intently

I wonder if he’s looking for Lix.  Since there is no way to know, I’m going to say he is!


I don’t know which is worse:if you’d watched this when it first aired and anticipated tons more Larry and Elly in series 2; or if you watch this now, knowing it never happened.

Because seriously, what a missed opportunity.

(for more face touching)