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The Doctor uses Sign language to send a heartfelt holiday message to his deaf and hard of hearing fans. ♥ He appears at 00:58 in the video. That’s cool it matches his current age. Peter, that is. The Doctor is over two thousand years old. ;) GIFs by me.


One amazing Doctor Who Tribute video! 

The funny thing is that I seem to be recognised more now, even though the show’s not on. I can’t figure out how that works. I don’t know whether it’s because it’s available on DVD or whether it nudges into the public consciousness more. But that’s what I find strange. It doesn’t seem to diminish when you’re not on. Not that I don’t like being well known, it’s very nice, but some days you’d just like to quietly pop to the shops. But no, it seems as potent as ever.
—  Peter on whether he’s felt this year is different without Doctor Who on TV (SFX)
My granny used to bring me Casper the Friendly Ghost comics … I guess we had TV21 and Thunderbirds and the Frank Bellamy drawings and Doctor Who in TV Action and TV  Comic. That was more what I looked at as opposed to American comic books.
—  Peter on his childhood exposure to comics. (SFX)