12th Doctor Morning Cuppa. I’m Back...Happy Sexy Time Lord Saturday

I just got back from vacation it was fantastic to get away and decompress from the end of school activities and the stresses that come from it.  Cedar Point (an amusement park) was great and so much fun.  

It is Saturday and I thought the best way to celebrate the morning is with some sexy twelve in the morning

Such an handsome man….
Happy Sexy Time Lord Saturday

Doctor Who Official on Instagram: After this evening’s episode – World Enough and Time - finishes you can head over to BBC One’s Facebook page and watch a live Q&A with Pearl Mackie and Steven Moffat! The Q&A starts tonight (Saturday, 24th June) at 7.30pm!
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I love this! Perfect to have when it’s the 50th anniversary of the Beatles album, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band (May 26, 1967). Also fitting when Peter is a huge fan of rock n’ roll! 😎🎸


When Bill called the TARDIS a kitchen, it reminded me of the few scenes we see involving drinking or eating. That’s the one room in a house for gathering friends and family to rejoice and have a laugh with a beverage or meal. It’s also considered the warmest room in a home. 😊

That kind of positive energy is also needed for today’s dark and emotional episode! Try to enjoy it the best that you can. Get a snack like a bag of crisps, refill your drink, and…tissues might be needed! 💔 Let’s do this! 😅