capacity to make children

teen titans go is a joke

I'm utterly convinced that Frisk is not as young as many people typically believe.

For one thing, they do not look like a child. Show anyone whose never seen Undertale before and they’ll say Frisk looks like a teenager.
And let’s face it people, children don’t flirt. They don’t have any sense of sexual instinct.
That doesn’t come until typically 13, and even then I don’t think that’s a fair assumption. Puberty yes, sexual instinct; not quite.

Also, children have very minimal brain capacity, making them, Frisk, a virtually incompetent ambassador for an ENTIRE CIVILIZATION OF MAGICAL, SENTIENT, CREATURES.
(I mean really, there a plenty of adults who couldn’t pull it off). Upon being offered the position, all of the monsters would have to believe that Frisk is unmistakably capable for the job. That includes Toriel. Now even though she addresses Frisk as “my child” that doesn’t mean that Frisk is under 10, or even 14 for that matter.

Frisk shows a remarkable amount of independence and yes, determination. Now from what I personally have learned while learn Psychology, specifically Human Development, these qualities start to develop until around mid adolescence. This means perhaps 16, all they way up to 18. These are the ages in which I could see Frisk being.

Some of you commentators pointed out that Frisk wears a stripped shirt. Um, what does that have to do with anything, like, at all? Anyone at any age can wear a stripped shirt. To me, this doesn’t prove Frisk is 10 or below.

Now for those who would argue that Frisk is just a very young “prodigy”, you need to realize that even if that were true, it doesn’t make the cut. The intelligence of a prodigy only covers a child’s capacity to learn and retain information. But not initiative, independent thinking, and strategy, which Frisk shows in remarkable quantities.
A child’s brain, whether it belongs to a prodigy or not, still lacks qualities necessary to say, be a successful ambassador.

There is also something that we need to point out.
The Great and Mighty Toby Fox has expressed, as we all know, that the character you play as, either that be Frisk or “Chara”, was meant to personify YOU. So you may say in my case, Frisk represents me.
But who are you?
Whomever that is, that is Frisk and “Chara”