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14: Monster Hunter AU

*Ibis is a capacitive monster, whose knowledge in healing and black magic make him worth more alive then dead, Catherine is a new recruit in the monster hunting order, eager and ready to impress her higher ups. Ibis always seemed polite and kind. Giving the young recruit types and advice, but was trying to get out of his cage, back to the Brier, a land that is barren, save for the twisted black thorn vines that seem to choke the life from all things caught in the brambles. But one day, he had finally convinced her to let him out, and from there our story starts, with squire Catherine trying to chase down the escaped Ibis…*

So I fought Malak...

And really. It was kinda anticlimactic.

Especially since, on a tip from someone, I equip myself with the Electrical Capacitance Shield. This helps A LOT since Malak’s favorite spell is Force Lightning-thingy. Of which the shield provides 100% immunity.

But the gamebreaking “exploit” is that “downtime” between fights where you can run away from him, invoke the Inventory screen, and inject yourself with steroids… I mean, Hyper-Adrenal concoctions + Hyper-Battle Stimulant. And take your sweet time casting “Force Immunity” + “Force Speed”.

Do that, and Malak’s totally a walk in the park –__–

(Granted, you do have to run around and destroy all those, uh, soul-harvester machines? Whatevs. But not exactly the secret to winning, just to make you win faster. Reducing the “lather rinse repeat” cycle by a significant number.)

Oh well. Time to do a re-play. And dialing up the difficulty level.

(Also I hate how they revert Revan’s robe to a generic one, and not use the Star Forge robe.)

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"if you get two power bottoms to frot you can get double the capacitance out of them" is this your treatise because im inclined to agree with you

thank you for peer reviewing my important science about cocks