Everything to know about the Nintendo Switch

Cost: $299.99

Release Date: March 3

Pre-order: Now. Online pre-order pages for several retailers, like Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, Gamestop and Target are now live. Read more

Specs: The Nintendo Switch packs a 6.2-inch display, a capacitive 6.2-inch touchscreen display, USB-C charging port, 32GB of memory with SD card support for adding extra storage space. Read more

Battery: Should last 2.5 to 6 hours depending on what game you’re playing. Read more

Online: Yes, it has WiFi. Online play in multiplayer games will be free at launch during a trial period, but will cost an as-yet-unknown subscription fee starting in fall 2017. The subscription will come with one free NES or SNES game a month. Read more

Controllers: The Joy-Con controllers work with button input but also allow motion control for games like 1-2 Switch and Arms. Read more.  They also come in various colors. Read more The Nintendo Switch Pro controller will be available for purchase separately for $69.99. Read more

Games: Some notable titles include 1-2 Switch (Switch’s answer to Wii Sports), Skyrim (!), Splatoon 2, Zelda Breath of the Wild, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Arms and Super Mario Odyssey.    Full list of confirmed games

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and now for a decoupling capacitor analogy.

alternate title: 3 times the “mission” brought them together, and 3 times the “mission” kept them apart.

( part of the f(shoot) = liferuiners series )

Eu mantenho tudo intocado, tudo em seu devido lugar assim como você deixou. Os quadros ainda estão pendurados nas paredes, as cadeiras fora do lugar na sala de jantar, o filme pausado na televisão, sua escova de dentes e a toalha ainda molhadas no banheiro, o pacote de doces sobre a escrivaninha ao lado dos cadernos, e as portas dos armários ainda entreabertas, viu só? Nada mudou. Talvez algumas lâmpadas tenham sido trocadas, as teias de aranha se acumularam em alguns cantos, mas a plaquinha escrita “lar doce lar” ainda está na porta, o endereço também é o mesmo, você não iria esquecê-lo, porque afinal, eu sou a sua casa e você precisa voltar algum dia. Então, eu espero, espero sentada na varanda com o café feito e seu livro preferido em cima da mesa. Espero ouvindo a sua banda preferida para quando chegar, se sentir em casa e feliz. Eu espero, um mês, um ano, uma década, uma vida, eu estarei te esperando.
—  Capacitou em companhia de Vireipassaro.
ELI5: How does a touchscreen work?

There are several different types of touchscreens. The two that you’re probably most familiar with are resistive and capacitive.

Resistive touchscreens, which are used in Nintendo’s products and pre-iPhone PDAs and smartphones have flexible plastic screens. When you push on the screen, you squeeze multiple layers together and this completes an electric circuit.

Most modern smartphones use capacitive touchscreens. These touchscreens are made of glass. When you touch the screen with your hand, you distort the electric field in the screen and it can measure where that change took place. Insulators, like plastic or most fibers, won’t distort the field so the screen won’t recognize them. “Smartphone gloves” have metal fibers woven into the fingertips to make the screen notice them.

Explain Like I`m Five: good questions, best answers.


If you’re following me because of my duel disk work, I have some news for you!
My amazing friend got me a Raspberry Pi and some components for my birthday, including a capacitive touch screen!
I need to completely rewrite the duel disk app, so in the meantime I put some screenshots of the existing version on the Pi to see how it looks, and it’s amazing! I’m super excited to continue on :)
So… Watch this space! I’m now one step closer to making my prototype a reality 😁

Moto and Huawei are replacing the Android keys with a touchpad, and I like it
The capacitive touch buttons that have been a signature of Android devices for many years are now all but entirely deprecated. LG and Sony long ago moved to on-screen software buttons, aligning themselves with Google’s preference and advice, but the intriguing thing at MWC 2017 is the addition of a new type of interaction that has neither capacitive nor software keys — it just relies on one pseudo-button. Huawei and Moto have both moved to a new type of home button, which isn’t really a button but rather just a touch-sensitive surface. Read more

tsukititties  asked:

Abilities and personality for a manganotantalite?

Manganotantalite doesn’t have much information on it so I’ll be using tantalite scientific and metaphysical properties too. And in this case, I will speak for both tantalite and manganotantalite. 

Abilities: Tantalite (as well as manganotantalite) is an tantalum ore. Tantalum is a chemical element. The main use for tantalum is the production of electronic components and because of its thin oxide layer, it can coat other metals and achieve high capacitance (or be able to store electric charge). Your gem could have electricity manipulation who can store a large amount of electricity to release a powerful blast. Tantalum is very resistant to erosion and has strong alloys that are used for turbine blades, rocket nozzles and nose caps for supersonic aircraft. Metaphysically, tantalite is called “the stone of foundation”, providing as a grounding and very protective stone. Your gem could create a protective shield around themselves that could take in heavy blows from opponents. Earth and metal manipulation could also be considered. The name Tantalum comes from the Tantalus, a character of Greek mythology who was punished for all eternity for his crimes against the Gods. Tantalus is placed in a lake under a fruit tree. He cannot drink or eat the fruit off the tree as they would recede from his grasp. Your gem could have a kind of torment inducement or  imprisonment ability.

Personality: Tantalite/Manganotantalite is a tough and courageous gem who’s usually the backbone of groups. They come across as intimidating and unfriendly: many don’t want to approach them. It’s easy to get on this gem’s nerves as they take a lot of things defensively. They’re also quite dense and a lot of things fly over their heads. When approaching a problem, Tantalite/Manganotantalite would much rather use their fists to solve it. This violent attitude comes from a specific place: they’re a protector. They must be strong and rash because this is the only way they know how to protect their loved ones. They will do as much as possible to avoid looking weak, often guarding their feelings or emotions from others. In secret, Tantalite/Manganotantalite take on creative activities. 

-Mod Sardonyx


Scriu mânată de dorința de a aşeza cuvinte într-un vid intern, lipsit de Tot.
Scriu nu pentru că vreau să vă regăsiți, voi, cei pierduți.
Scriu pentru mine, o nebună.
Mă numesc aşa pentru că şi eu, ca şi voi, de altfel, doresc o individualizare a spiritului, a întregii mele ființe. De când nu mai avem acea capacitate a spritului şi absolut empirică de a vedea Zei, de a ne conecta cu divinitatea, dorim o individualizare a Sinelui. Noi suntem Umanitatea, dar ne separăm total de ceilalți în încercarea de a rămâne noi.
Sinceră să fiu nu îmi pasă de individualitate sau de umanitate, deşi m-am născut om. Trăiesc într-o ciudată dimensiune care nu mi-e casă. Mă prefac total absorbită de realitate, când de fapt nu mă atrage.
Cultul meu e Dumnezeu. Dumnezeu, Idee care n-are timp şi spațiu. Idee care vine din mine, un impuls electric, vibrant, ce îmi antrenează tot organismul într-un reflex, o tendință de autocunoaştere.
Trasez cuvinte, gânduri, o imagine pe care o văd dincolo de tavanul întunecat. Nu am învățat Umanitatea, pe Dumnezeu nu L-am cunoscut prin Ea.
Oare nu sunt percepțiile mele nişte iluzii reverberând doar credințe ale oamenilor, furate de prin locuri diferite ale spatiului şi timpului?
Problema mea e că vreau să simt Absolutul şi nu îl găsesc în acest Univers intrinsec.
Aştept de câteva minute să postez pentru că altcineva din mine îmi spune că Absolutul e exact Prezentul, Iubirea şi Contemplarea aplicate şi dedicate toate, desigur, oamenilor.

R. Adria

Galaxy Tab S3 and keyboard cover show up in new leaked image
With the Galaxy S8 a no-show at this year’s MWC, we’re expecting to make do with a new Galaxy Tab S3 as Samsung’s big news. The latest leak of the device comes from Evan Blass and purportedly shows the Tab S3 with a keyboard case. The tablet itself doesn’t look like a departure from Samsung’s previous designs (still rocking capacitive buttons for example) and the keyboard is similar to that of the iPad Pro (e.g. Read more

Electricity-storing objects like Pikachu’s cheeks are known as capacitors, a common element found in almost any circuit. But what is the science behind them? How does Pikachu store energy, and how does it collect the energy to store?

Well, the secret to a capacitor lies in a value called capacitance. Like the spring constant discussed in Spoink’s entry, the value of capacitance is unique to every capacitor, depending on what it’s made of, whether or not it’s filled, and how close the plates are to one another. 

The capacitance is given by

C = q/V

Where q is the charge on one plate and V is the voltage between them.

We know Pikachu is capable of both storing and releasing lightning, so let’s take one bolt of lightning as our standard here. A typical lightning bolt is actually a series of small discharges, lasting milliseconds each for a total of around 0.2 seconds. A typical lightning strike has a charge of 15 Coulombs, although the bigger ones can be as high as 350 C. The voltage is anywhere from 10 to 100 million Volts.

Assuming Pikachu’s Cheeks can store the largest bolts of lightning, their Capacitance is 3.5 μF.

This, actually, is a lot more reasonable than I was anticipating. In the circuits I’ve worked with, capacitors are generally in the micro Farad range, which is exactly what we find here. If you want another comparison, the Capacitance of the human body is around 400 pico-Farads: about 10% of Pikachu’s cheeks.

But let’s put this value to use. You can think of capacitors like a bucket, that can be filled with charge. However, just like you can have an empty bucket, you can have an empty capacitor. Citing the pokedex, Pikachu charges up while it’s sleeping, presumably through Static Electricity. You’ve experienced this if you’ve ever assaulted your hair with a balloon, or touched a metal doorknob after shuffling across the room in your wool socks. Even lightning itself is a form of Static Discharge. This also explains why Pikahu’s Ability is called “Static”.

The energy of a static discharge, and therefore Pikachu’s Attack, is given by:

E = ½CV^2

For a move like Thunder, the electrical energy would be 35,000,000,000 Joules. For Thunder Shock, a small  static shock, it’s only a few hundred milliJoules.

It’s evident that Pikachu can control when, where, and how much energy to release at once, making it a dangerous pokemon to deal with. Particularly around sensitive electronic equipment.

Se você é universitário, lembre-se sempre que todo e qualquer ambiente é um campo missionário, não importa o quão secular ele seja.

Até mesmo nos terrenos mais secos Deus proporciona o milagre de fazer brotar a Água Viva. Esteja sempre pronto a responder a qualquer um que lhe pergunte a razão da esperança que existe em você e, num ambiente acadêmico, capacite-se para que esta resposta demonstre como Cristo é a única resposta para tudo aquilo que inquieta o homem espiritualmente e intelectualmente.

—  Felipe Cruz de Melo
Happy birthday Michael Faraday

Today is the birthday of the revered scientist Michael Faraday, who would have turned 224.

Probably albumen carte-de-visite by John Watkins [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

- Faraday was born in 1791 on the then outskirts of London, Newington Butts, to a working class family. His thirst for knowledge was quenched through work as a bookbinder, where he educated himself by reading the texts available to him at the shop.

- He became the Chemical Assistant at the Royal Institution in London and toured Europe with another influential Victorian scientist – Humphry Davy.

- He was a famous orator, and instigated the Royal Institution Christmas Lecture, which continues to this day.

- Faraday made significant discoveries in electromagnetism and electrolysis. He coined many of the words associated with electronics today, such as electrode, cathode and ion.  The Farad, the unit of capacitance, is named after Faraday.

- All his discoveries came desipite his relatively limited understanding of mathematics.

- Albert Einstien had a picture of Faraday on the wall of his office.

‘Although we know nothing of what an atom is, yet we cannot resist forming some idea of a small particle, which represents it to the mind … there is an immensity of facts which justify us in believing that the atoms of matter are in some way endowed or associated with electrical powers, to which they owe their most striking qualities, and amongst them their mutual chemical affinity.’ - Faraday

É preciso recomeçar todos os dias. E faz bem pra gente, nos dar sempre uma nova chance, pois se ele nos oferece uma oportunidade a cada manha de buscarmos o novo, por que continuar no mesmo lugar? Se permita hoje ser nova, ter um sentimento novo, pensar em algo novo, que tal esperança?
Jesus te fez mulher, e te capacitou com um dom: a resiliência, simplificando o conceito físico, é a capacidade de voltarmos a nossa forma normal depois de sofrer por exemplo alguma deformação ou trauma. Um exemplo é a mulher grávida, no período de gestação o seu corpo vai além dos seus limites, a hora do parto parece ser tão difícil, mas passa, volta ao normal. Jesus fez o seu interior, sua vida espiritual e emocional dotadas desse dom. Não importa o que aconteceu, está acontecendo ou vai acontecer, tudo volta ao normal e se encaixa no propósito de Deus pra você, que é te tornar uma mulher cheia dele, livre de marcas, e sem NADA que possa te prender e te fazer não voar.
Hoje sinta o novo de Jesus, sobre suas emoções, medos e fardos. Decida se entregar a ele, ao novo dele. Ele te ama e nada do que você faz pode fazer ele te amar mais, ou nada do que você deixa de fazer pode fazer ele te amar menos, ele simplesmente te ama.
Romania furata intr-adevar..

Am observat recent ca marea majoritate ataca dur.Unii ataca clubul,altii artistii,altii spun ca e vina oamenilor de acolo.Altii dau vina pe sarbatoare,altii pe genul de muzica,altii pe Diavol..iar altii pe Dumnezeu.

Si acei oameni ca si mine de altfel,nu reprezinta decat niste mancatori de cacat.

Eu nu am mers sa donez sange.Am frica.De mic,de ace.Nu-i o scuza,nici pretext.Doar ca nu am facut-o.Am oameni care au facut-o in juru’ meu.

Aia merita respect !

S-au creat tot felul de evenimente,fara cluburi,intuneric in cluburi,nu stiu in pula mea chiar nu-mi trec in minte acum dar ideea e ca noi romanii avem o capacitate dementiala de a face din tantar armasar.Numai eu cate discutii am auzit azi,multe de cacat,desigur,esentialul nu se pune in evidenta.

E doliu national manca-va-as.


Ca ne abatem de la subiect.

Mama plangea,tata era furnicat,iar eu ma uitam in gol,fiindca ma durea.

Ma simt inconjurat de multa prostie si imi vine sa ma inchid in mine cand vad rahaturi de genu’.

Dati cu pace pentru sufletele lor,nu voi zice de rugaciune ca-s ateu,dar stiu sigur ca interpretarile nu duc nicaieri.

Nu e vorba de Halloween.

Nici de muzica.

Nici de spiritul patriotic.

Ceea ce m-a marcat ma,ceea ce face diferenta e ca aseara Claudiu,un blogger,a murit salvandu-si prieteni !

I s-a oferit ocazia sa scape de doua ori din acele ‘’flacari ale iadului’’ dar a ales calea nobila.

Onoarea inainte de toate..

Asta e ceva ce va zic eu n-ar fii facut oricine.Nici macar eu..

Ma furnica numai ideea ca a fost un infern acolo.

Prefer sa ma opresc aici si sa mai dau inca o data cu pace pentru sufletele lor alaturi de toata tara.

Doliu National..

Odihneasca-se in pace fratii si surorile..!

Cumprindo o chamado de Deus diante das fraquezas

Nem sempre é fácil fazer aquilo que Deus colocou em nossas mãos.Há choro,espinhos, obstáculos e as vezes nem conseguimos ver a recompensa que Deus tem preparado para nós.Mas a imutável palavra de Deus nos diz em Salmos 126:6 “Aquele que leva a preciosa semente, andando e chorando, voltará, sem dúvida, com alegria, trazendo consigo os seus molhos.”
As vezes é inevitável não pensar em largar tudo,desistir daquele propósito que Deus nos designou, mas que não venhamos nos esquecer que aquele que começou a obra a aperfeiçoará (filipenses 1:6). Deus não faz nada pela metade, e do mesmo modo não quer que façamos isso.
“E Jesus lhe disse: Ninguém, que lança mão do arado e olha para trás, é apto para o reino de Deus.”( Lucas 9:62)
Não se condene por passar por momentos de fraqueza, tantos e tantos servos de Deus já passaram e Deus os animou,capacitou e eles venceram. É na fraqueza do teu ser que o o poder de Deus é manifestado.
Por mais que o sentimento de solidão nos invada, lembre da promessa de Jesus que não nos deixaria sozinhos, ele enviou o amigo fiel,consolador,companheiro e intercessor nos momentos de fraqueza.

Seja Valente, a alegria do senhor é tua força.