capable of murder

This was Bum’s first real test. With this Sangwoo knew that Bum could “kill”. Bum wasn’t successful of course, but his intent was still there. After this point, Sangwoo knows he is capable of murder. Now he just has to make it so that Bum no longer wants to kill him but instead kill another.

A plead for the idiot boy

The more I think about it, the more I dislike how Eurus was shown as weak and broken, as a victim of some sorts in the end.

Mycroft did everything right in incarcerating his manic little sister. She was not only capable of murder already at young age but indeed commited one. She obviously was contemplating to kill Sherlock and decided to burn down her family’s home.

In taking advantage of her cleverness he might have saved many lives by preventing these terrorist attacks on England. And I don’t even see where the big deal is of letting Moriarty talk to her.

As we are made to believe in ‘The Empty Hearse’ Sherlock and Mycroft had eventually agreed to give Moriarty sensitive information on Sherlock. And even if this wasn’t the fact (but a hoax explanation to how Sherlock had faked his death for Anderson), we learn that Moriarty had already been interested in Sherlock for a while before he ever knew about Eurus. 

To me the only point to argue is wether it was in fact a kindness to tell his parents that Eurus was dead. But I’m not even sure this was him in the first place. Time and Mycroft’s and Eurus’ age rather suggest that Uncle Rudi had quite a lot to say in this matter and made his own decisions. 

However the way Eurus was capable to ‘program’ people, Mycroft was even right in keeping their parents away from her.

The worst however was Eurus claiming that she became the way she was because she had had no one. 

Oh, really? Neither did Mycroft. But he’d rather revel in his solitude, trying to save those around him, whilst hiding behind the shield of iciness.

The idiot boy is my kind of boy. I love him

Yes, Laurel loved Wes more than Frank. And no, it isn’t unrealistic.

Laurel never knew who Frank was. What she loved about him was an unrealistic version of him, she saw him as mysterious, sexy and just demanding but she never knew at what extent his real persona was. And that was shattered the moment he told her he killed Lila. She saw his true persona, a person who’s capable of murder. And person just like her dad. She started questioning herself and how could she even fall for a guy like him. Yes, she wanted to find him but she already knew him for what he was. Just like Bonnie said she was holding into a fantasy of Frank. Then, she learned she killed Bonnie’s dad. And her imagine of him will shatter even more when she finds out he was the reason of Annalise’s miscarriage.

Laurel always knew deep done the type of person he was that’s why she always mistrusted him. That’s why he accused him of killing Rebecca, of hiding her body, of killing Wes. She now has a clear picture of who he is.

Meanwhile, there was not part of Wes she didn’t knew. She knew his darkest secrets, because he told her everything. She didn’t have a different idea of what Wes really was because there wasn’t a different version of Wes around her. Hell, she saw him shooting Annalise and knew for sure that wasn’t who Wes was, that’s why she took his place. Laurel’s been the only one able to see Wes and his struggles and even his happiness.

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Do you think Eric would have turned his rape fantasies into a reality if he would have had the chance? I mean obviously he was capable of murder, so I often think about this

I think Eric’s sexual fantasy was just that - a fantasy. Though I’ll argue that if you carefully read through Eric’s fantasy it does not fit the act of rape. Yes, Eric is in control, yes Eric is dominant and aggressive but the very first thing he does after he’s managed to persuade a girl to be alone with him is not have his way with the girl for his own immediate sexual gratification but instead, he pleasures her by eating her out first. His fantasy was an outlet to compensate for everything he was not in real life with chicks - here, he could be in control and masterful with them and freely giving himself permission to indulge in his own animalistic, lustful desires.

Noel Kahn
  • Season 3 (Noel to Spencer): “It’s kinda hot knowing that you think I’m capable of murder.”
  • Season 7: *Noel walks around with an axe ready to kill anyone who gets in his way and probably thinking how hot he is right now*
long ass post but hopefully cute and amusing!!!

okay okokokokokok listen this prolly only appeal to ciellizzy shippers, hopefully no one gets butt hurt over this(if it makes anybody feel better i also ship sebaciel) but I was just thinking what if in the future , if ciel is still alive (insert sebby smirk pic here) and the arranged marriage comes to pass. what if ciel and lizzy have a kid. I MEAN JUST THINK ABOUT HOW DECKED OUT WITH PROTECTION THAT KID WILL BE. THE KID COULD WALK INTO THE MOST CRIME INFESTED CITY IN THE WORLD AND COME OUT WITH OUT A SCRATCH CUZ LIKE LOOK AT THE FAM.

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Kit Walker // Worth it.

I walked through the common room staring at the insane people. Some rocking back and forth, some staring into space and some talking gibberish to themselves. All apart from Kit. Kit was thrown into the asylum after being framed for the bloody face murders and I, an aspiring journalist, was put in here for trying to expose some of Briarcliff Manor’s deepest secrets.

Kit had told me his story, and I genuinely believed he was not bloody face. He was a sweetheart, not at all capable of those hideous murders. Over the course of a month, Kit and I had become close, and I knew I had probably caught feelings for him.We were best friends, so when a random guy squeezed my ass in the common room, he was anything but happy.

I felt a sharp pain on my behind and I let out a small squeak. I figured it was probably Kit so I turned around and laughed. My face dropped. “Errm” I said, my throat getting dry. It wasn’t Kit. This guy was huge and I really didn’t wanna confront him.

“Hey sugar.” He said smirking, tucking a piece of hair behind my ear. I backed up. “Don’t be shy.” He said, stepping closer.

“Leave me alone.” I managed. 

“What?” He said, a look of disbelief on his face.

“Leave her alone.” I turned around to see Kit, anger evident with the look he was wearing. “She said leave her alone.”

I stepped behind Kit, relieved he had been there. “Or what?” He said, squaring up to Kit. “ I could fuck her brains out and you wouldn’t be able to do nothin’”

Kit swung at the guy, easily breaking his nose. The guy punched Kit in the stomach. Kit swung again. Even with the guy’s height and obvious strength, Kit had the upper hand. The man was lying on the ground, half conscious with Kit still beating the living daylights out of him.  

Sister Jude’s whistle blew and he stopped. It took everything in him to not kill that wretched man. Sister Jude stared at Kit in disgust. 

“He started it.” Kit said, wiping blood from his top lip, and with that, Sister Jude dragged him away.

*Later that night*

Kid trudged into the common room after the earlier events, clearly in some pain. He sat beside me and winced.

“Are you ok? What happened?” I asked, concerned for him.

“60 lashes” He replied.

“Im so sorry, Kit, I really a-”

He cut me off “Relax Y/N, it’s not your fault everyone wants a piece of you.”


“Your gorgeous Y/N, I can understand why people want you. Maybe if I wasn’t so jealous I would’ve let that one go.”

“I wouldn’t have gone for that guy anyway.” I said, easing him into my confession.

“Which other nut-job would you have picked then?” He laughed.


He laughed, “Thanks for that self esteem boost but no one woul-”

My lips were on his in an instant. His lips tasted like blood from the fight, but I couldn’t care less. It was as if it was my first kiss all over again, sloppy, unpractised, yet still tender and loving. We pulled away and I buried my head into the crook of his neck.

“That 60 lashes was so worth it.” He laughed.

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Can I please have headcannons on Hungary as a Yandere mother plz? (Teenage daughter)

Hungary: “Don’t wait for prince charming. Instead, you should come and get him~”

  • “Mommy loves you. She loves you more than daddy.” (This is probably true)
  • Elizabet loves her daughter dearly. She will never think of hurting her, and she keeps her promise this time.
  • I can imagine her being a very affectionate and patient mother, while being strict and hard on her daughter, too.
  • Elizabeta is protective of her daughter. If her daughter’s s/o doesn’t meet her expectations, the she won’t approve of their relationship, until she notices how much her daughter loves them.
  • The first time she hears that her daughter has a crush on someone, she’d be more concerned than happy. She wants to know who she likes, their background, their personality, and why she likes them.
  • Elizabeta is probably the main reason why her daughter is capable of murdering someone by herself. But she didn’t really intend her daughter to become a yandere by teaching her things like self-defense.
  • Additionally, she would encourage her daughter to always make the first move when she likes someone. This could also be a reason why her daughter is so… Forceful and tenacious (in a bad way).
  • Even with a family, most of her attention will still be on her husband. But this won’t affect her role as a parent.

Lucy: It’s simple–all we gotta do is get past a couple dozen dangerous relic men and women who are surely each geared with multiple weapons capable of murder, find the Skull where ever it is, and then leave without being noticed! What could possibly go wrong?

Lucy afterwards: how did we end up almost dying again my plan was foolproof

tbh i believe everyone in the gang is capable of murder except mac. like dee literally set her roommate on fire for no apparent reason other than that she was “copying her”, dennis was bummed when dee and him weren’t going to actually murder the waitress when they were following her and has displayed multiple murderous tendencies on multiple accounts, charlie straight up bit a chunk out of santa claus’ neck and was going to cut up the leprechaun he found. mac has killed an animal, dennis jr., but it was more indirectly than purposeful. i think the only way he would be attributed with murder is for being an accomplice to it by helping the gang get rid of the body of whoever it is they killed

I seriously have such a difficult time understanding why fans of Zack are so prematurely furious about what the show is allegedly doing with his character. As a longtime fan of Bones, one of the many things I’ve taken away is that in the end, they will always do justice for the characters we love. Now, I’ve really never been particularly attached to Zack, but I do know that there is no way he is ultimately going to be the villain in all of this. There is an alternate explanation lurking beneath the surface. There always is. We know he did not actually kill anyone back in season 3. And Sweets mentioned that you never know if you’re truly capable of murder until the moment you are face to face with the decision. I think that is an important point to consider. Can he actually kill anyone? Perhaps not. Will he hurt Brennan? No way. There is something else going on. Maybe Zack has suffered severe trauma since last we saw him (obviously, based on his scar). And maybe he has become more than a bit unhinged. But the writers have given me absolutely no reason to believe they will be making this man evil. Plus, it was already mentioned that Tamara and TJ begged for him not to actually be the bad guy. And finally, the reason they brought this character back was because a group of fans have been very vocal in wanting to see his return for SO MANY years. You think they would actually ask him back only to say “screw you” to those who begged for this? No. Not Bones. Sorry. They like to tell the best tale and give fans what they want, but it’s really never in the way you expect. That’s a lot of why this show has endured. What we saw in 11x22 is not the entire story. It was a cliffhanger. It’s meant to incite fear, anxiety, and excitement. But don’t believe everything you think you see…Season 12 is about tying up loose ends. It’s a gift to fans. And the point is to ultimately get these characters to a place where we know they are going to be okay. So…calm down? It’s going to be a really great ride. 

Okay. back to depression. 

more and more i’m beginning to hope that Robert NEVER finds out what Liv, Chas & Aaron think of him when they see that video. 

because after all this time, after being Aaron’s rock during the trial, after them witnessing Robert almost falling apart at the hospital over Aaron, after seeing him enjoying himself at his first Dingle Christmas, to have what he considers his “new family” turn on him so easily, will just break his heart.

It’ll be like when the three of them thought him capable of murdering Gordon…only 10x more hurtful and disappointing.

why do y'all columbine stans say shit like “it’s just an interest/fascination!” like, no, an interest would be saying things along the lines of “what drives a person to do this, how do their brains differ, is anyone capable of murder?” and etc, NOT “murder me daddy!!!! I’m so sad they’re dead here’s my favorite journal entry paired with a flower crown edit UwU xx”

Do you ever get this weird feeling when you watch YouTube videos about Star Wars and they will talk about something that’s been gone over ten times back and forth on Tumblr, as if it’s brand new information or an idea that’s never been posited before? Like I was watching one the other day where they posed the question of whether the prequels and Rogue One make Vader irredeemable because we see him killing children and rebels. And they were like “omg what a good question I never really thought of that before! It does kind of change things.”

And I’m just like… Really? You haven’t thought about that? Well lucky you because we’ve already analyzed this ten ways to Sunday.

But also I still, even after having it discussed over and over, don’t understand how people didn’t think Vader was capable of actual murder before the prequels.

I don’t know how anyone can watch the Original Trilogy and go, “Yeah, that guy is OK, I’m sure he’s never killed anyone who didn’t deserve it. I mean I know Obi-Wan said he hunted down and murdered the Jedi, but like, Obi-Wan lied about him being Luke’s dad so IDK, maybe he only ever kills Imperial Officers and watches planets blow up.”

If anything the prequels make him more redeemable because even though you see the murders you also see the person he used to be and see what led to his fall (the road to hell was indeed paved with the best of intentions. Love! Family! How could that steer you wrong? Just ask Anakin). You can still chose not to give a shit about him, if you don’t care about Vader’s redemption, that’s fine for you. In RotJ it’s mostly about how Luke is justified in believing his father has some good left in him, and Vader’s redemptive action is centered around loving and saving Luke… a nice ironic bookend to how his fall was in part motivated by loving and saving Padmé. But if you already liked and supported Vader’s “redemption” from RotJ I will never understand how getting confirmation that he did indeed do the thing Obi-Wan said he did, changes that.

God I hate the angry macho military men trope

Like he’s some anti nature prick who likes shooting people or animals.

And the worst thing, though, is when it’s glorified.

Like…this is really an American thing.

We glorify violence and combat.

So military guys, you know, we celebrate them as our ultimate heroes and then you see them in movies.

They’re like “brothers” right?

They die for each other and…you think that that’s fine, you think they’re protecting one another…

But do you see how that’s why soldiers are capable of committing murder…?

Most of us are taught that killing other people is wrong.

But the military and the police and other suitable professors desensitize you to that.

Especially in the military.

It’s scary actually, I had to read theories about military cults.

They make you see yourself and your unit as the most important thing in the world.

They make “us vs them.”

And you say but they protect us! They protect America!


They protect one another. You really think a human faced by bullets and bombs is thinking about his country?


He’s thinking about his own skin…and the skin of his brothers, those he trained with, or who passed through the same ritual of initiation as him.

So I’m not…dehumanizing soldiers here.

If you have relatives or friends in the military, don’t misunderstand.

All I mean is that this angry military guy warmonger trope terrifies me.

Because in real life, they do sap your sense of individuality.

You’re a part of a unit.

You’re trained to follow orders.

Any orders.

And just imagine one day, or perhaps today.

Where the men given orders, the men who are meant to protect us…

Well. Just look at our government, the people giving the orders.

Do you trust the government? With your life? With your freedom?

Think about that.

Because maybe I’m too much of a pessimist, but I don’t believe those military guys would ever disobey orders because they are immoral or because they stand opposed to the values of democracy and freedom that they think they’re defending.

It’s not a matter of being a good person.

They strip you of personhood before they mold you into their soldier.

And I…

Find that terrifying.