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could we have some relationship/fluff headcanons for gregory violet please?😀

Ah yes, my spirit animal, finally~

Also, I thought that maybe I could write some more headcanons in my requests, I don’t know how it’ll came out but let’s try! I’m such an Aries I can’t even run my blog without changing the rules every month lol.

Wow, I still have so many ideas even though I wrote so much already, I’ll just leave them for the next time, I suppose.

Gregory Violet:

  • Gregory will always consider you as his muse, not in a way where he would want you to be real inspiration for any of his drawings but in a meaning of bringing some sense to his life. It has nothing to do with art itself, really, but you can expect him to quietly watch you in some casual situations as if you were another kind of human and looking for some stimulants this way. Do not be surprised when he will end up creating a bridge or a fly on the paper later then, it’s all the matter of associations which can be hard to understand for the others. What is important, however, you can be sure that no matter what he draws, it never means anything offending.
  • You can try to ask him what inspired him to do this certain drawing but he probably won’t answer you - not in a way you could understand his way of thinking. He is truly secretive and withdrawn even when around you and sometimes he will feel bad about it, wishing that you could communicate in a more open manner so it will be very important for him to show your understanding. Even though he probably won’t show it on the outside, he will be really happy to have you - especially if you will respect his attitude and not push him too much. After getting to trust you, he will eventually try to explain why there is a fly on his drawing and what does it have in common with the way your hair move on the wind.
  • His favourites activities to participate in with you will be certainly watching movies, visiting libraries or art galleries, anywhere where silence is rather required. Even if such places will interest you, he will be completely distracted from them by your presence so you may catch him staying somewhere and blankly staring at the wall, completely not concerned about the freaking Mona Lisa at his right. He will often drown in thoughts and since relationship with you will be something new for him, this will be something to mostly occupy his mind.
  • Gregory demans a lot of distance and you have to be able to give him that. Do not be angry when he will want to spend an evening alone, do not blame him for not wanting to be around you all the time or not wanting to go out, I can assure you that it has nothing to do with an eventual lack of interest, he will just need to have time only for himself to contemplate a little and enjoy the silence without concerning whether you are getting bored or not.
  • He has a lot of self-consciousness and although he won’t ask you for that, some reassuring is always nice for him. As much as he may not be quite responsive toward it, he will never push you away when you will cuddle to him or show him any kind of physical contact; honestly, you can start braiding his hair and he won’t complain - he may even compliment it in the end. When it comes to different ways of spending time with you, he will gladly (but not visibly gladly) agree to go out wherever you want to, only if it won’t be any kind of party. Things that interest you will also interest him and he will always take mental notes about what you like and not - even if he will probably forget about them later.
  • Gregory is insomniac and suffers from chronical nightmares so you should be ready to wake up and help him get over it in the middle of the night. Your presence will be a blessing for him and you won’t ever see him as vulnerable and full of regret as when he will be clutching to your pyjamas for his dear life. Those will be the only moments when you will see him crying.
  • Everyday, he will be actually pleasure to be around: not too absorbing, not too loud but always having something interesting to say (even though he probably won’t say it) and - surprisingly - he can be quite funny. He will like to see you smile or laugh at some of his eccentric behaviours, it won’t offend him in the slighest and if he will realize that some of them are particularly enjoyable for you, he may repeat them more often. He likes the others to give him space but he is also pretty distant himself, aware that sometimes he could be considered as simply weird and this fact doesn’t bother him. You will be able to see it clearly if anyone will ever try to be mean to him, he just won’t give a single fuck and walk away or continue whatever he was doing, leaving the opponent totally confused.
So is there a connection between the image between Anne’s memory photo, and the one in the fire?

So I just remembered something from a while back ago, and I managed to find it when seeking out Rachel Phantomhive. 

So this is the photo from the fire place, flipped upright so details can be seen better. 

So shirt’s a bit different then it is in the following photo, but it’s for comparison sake. If you notice though, we have a burnt off image of Vincent too. The weird thing about this is that in a normal picture from that time you would have the whole family. So why is it that we only get Vincent in this case. Where is Rachel at all in this? 

So If you notice, we have the same set up as the picture above, Vincent’s even wearing the same outfit. The only differences are in Ciel, who’s outfit has changed (and I’m not sure if that’s because Yana decided to change his outfit, or something else), but this is pretty much the same pose minus where the hand is. 

So if Ann is a mostly reliable narrator, as she was for the most part, save for the whole killing thing, why would she not implicate a second child in this memory? This is clearly a picture that was being taken as they are set up in such a way for a photo to be shot.