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  • Umbridge: In the meantime, Potter, you’re suspended from playing Quidditch. I’m going to need you to hand over your Firebolt.
  • Harry: All right fine, you can have my Firebolt, but we’re doing it in your office so I can slam it down on your desk and yell out, “The system stinks!”.
  • Umbridge: Actually, the procedure is to bring your Firebolt down to the equipment room on the second floor, fill out form four-five-two-underscore-J, hand said form to Mr. Filch, and then receive a claim check through owl post.
  • Harry: Oh.
  • Harry: The system stinks!
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Name:  Lyuba
Age: 19
Country: Russia

Hi! I don’t know that to write here. So I’ll write everything that remeber (and intresting) about myself.
I’m a student of the faculty of Cinema and TV. First year of five. It’s as much interesting as exhausting.
I’m a introvert but I want more friends because I feel pretty lonely often.
I like drawing, black tea, cofe, meditation, yoga, literature, traveling, blue, fruits and vegetables, chocolate ice-cream, video games, watching movies/cartoons, music.
I would like to know new people from different places! I think it’s an awesome experience!
Also I’ll be very glad if you can help me with English because I still learning. If you want I can try to teach you Russian. Some people say that I’m a good teacher. At least I have patience.

Preferences:  I prefer people of my age or younger because with older people I feel uncomfortable. Let’s say between 16-25.


Barry Jenkins’ episode of ‘Dear White People’ is the best TV of 2017 so far

  • Episode five of Dear White People, as directed by Barry Jenkins, is a character study of a rebel who’s forgotten how to do anything else. 
  • It’s a loose, fun exploration of multiple facets of black representation in pop culture, from Tyler Perry-esque movies to Iyanla: Fix My Life
  • But most of all, Jenkins’ episode is a tense meditation on the everyday threat of police brutality, and exactly how damaging one white person’s decision can be to black people’s lives. Read more (4/28/17 Opinion)

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