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Pairing: Thor x Reader x Tony, Clint, Nat, Bruce, Steve
Word count: 1,844
Warnings: Hints of sexuality

Part 7 of Petty Insults

You fell asleep in Tony’s arms that night and very much to your surprise, you woke up in the same spot in the morning.

You were so happy that you woke him up with kisses. Giggling when he shifted, you felt your heart jump that he’d wanted you back.

His eyes peeked open and he gave a sleepy smile, nuzzling in your neck. “Hi.” He mumbled.

“Hi.” You smiled widely, rubbing up his back and rubbing through his hair.

“Mm, don’t get me started.” He chuckled.

You blushed lightly. “I hope you’re not bothered by me asking to wait a little?” He wasn’t acting like he was, but you wanted to make sure.

He shook his head. “You’re worth the wait.” He shifted onto his back. “I just may need a shower.”

“So are you.” You agreed, kissing the underside of his jaw. “I’ll go start breakfast. Any requests, Mr. Stark?” You grinned, making him groan.

He turned and kissed you deeply. “Anything you make is delicious. Just no teasing please.” He pinched your hip lightly.

As he agreed to, Tony took things slow, letting you take charge of the pace. You still slept beside him many nights, but it wasn’t until close to a month after you got back together that you wanted more. “Tony?’ You said softly, laying on his chest.

“Yeah?” He put his phone down and looked at you, cupping your cheek. “Is everything alright?” He immediately got worried.

You bit your lip and nodded. “I was hoping we could move forward tonight?” You asked, hopeful, as you moved to sit on his lap.

He tried not to look too relieved as he nodded quickly, his hands moving to your hips. “Of course.”

Leaning down, you kissed him passionately. One of your hands was on his side, the other you tangled in his dark hair.

He tried not to be so desperate with his movements as he flipped you both over.

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How Bucky Barnes would react to their S/O being a trans boy

  • Bucky would be a bit confused of what it is, but supports him after you explained him what it meant to be trans
  • He would help you get a comfortable binder, and male clothes
  • Bucky would make sure yiu didn’t get bullied at all
  • The Avengers are all supportive when you came out to everyone
  • Natasha follows along when the two go shopping, cause she’s always been your best friend
  • Bucky would just be really supportive and loves you the same, maybe even more

pietro: *runs and slaps peter* i bet you didn’t see that coming.
peter: *webs pietro’s feet up so he trips* oop bet you didn’t see that coming