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cupcakecana  asked:

“You look really tired.” for Nalu?

“You look really tired,” Lucy murmurs, dragging herself upright in bed to stare at Natsu’s shoulders, his muscles tight and his lips drawn into a deep frown. 

He looks at her over his shoulder, black circles under his eyes looking like bruises, or ink on paper. He’s been pale recently, losing the color in his cheeks because of restless nights. Natsu tries to send her a smile, but it’s weak, strained and doesn’t begin to reach his eyes. 

“Did you have the dream again?” she continues, realizing he’s not going to respond. He swallows, turning away from her, and Lucy knows she’s right. She slides forward in the bed, heaving a sigh as she wraps her arms around his middle, a hand pressed to his heart, her head resting between his shoulder blades.

Natsu releases a shaky breath, hand coming up to cover hers and squeezing. Her fingers start to hurt from the pressure, but she only grips him back twice as fierce.

Lucy presses her lips against his bare shoulder, peppering butterfly kisses against his skin: along the side of his neck, across the width of his shoulders, down to his guild mark. She places a soft, lingering kiss against the red tattoo, hand splayed over his rapidly beating heart, her own beating just as fast. “It wasn’t your fault,” she coos, leaning up to nuzzle his neck.

Their pulses are in-sync, lives tangled together so tightly that they have one heartbeat between the two of them. Every stutter, every skip, his heart will always echo hers.

He doesn’t respond, and Lucy can only hold him closer.

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if you're still doing the prompt requests, could you do "I'm not even sorry." for nalu?? thanks if you do!!

He stole her last slice of pie. Natsu stole her last slice of pie.

“I’m not even sorry,” he tells her, shrugging, a hint of the cherry filling stuck to the corner of his lips. 

Lucy snarls at him. She’ll make him sorry. Natsu’s eyes widen when she stomps towards him, grabbing him by the collar and jerking him down, lips smashing against his in a messy kiss. He gasps against her, the sound slipping into a moan when Lucy immediately opens her mouth, tongue swiping across his lips until she tastes cherry.

Natsu’s arms come up to cage her, one hand fisting in her hair as he yanks her tighter against him, chests pressed flush together. Lucy nips at him, catching his bottom lips between her teeth and nibbling until he’s sighing into her mouth.

She pulls back just as suddenly, blinking up at him in shock, mostly at herself.

He stares back, wide-eyed. “Yeah,” he breathes. “I’m definitely not sorry.”