I’m still laughing my ass off at Scott in civil war. He has NO FUCKING IDEA what is going on in that airport fight. Like, he doesn’t even know the names of all his teammates. He calls Clint “arrow guy.” And I’m honestly not sure that they spent any time telling him what was going on or why they were fighting. Like it is 100% possible that he just showed up and cap was like “Ok fight these people” and Scott just went “ok cool, whatever you say, CAPTAIN AMERICA” 

The characters in Civil War basically ...














t’challa and sam though

t’challa respecting sam bc sam wasn’t all “your highness” he just straight up starts pullin shit with him, all “so you like cats”

t’challa and sam meeting up whenever t’challa gets some time off so sam can vent abt his dumb golden retriever and said retriever’s bf and t’challa just nods and at one point says “i’ll admit, i prefer birds” and sam just gapes, all are you- did you just- did you flirt with me?

t’challa teaching sam little things about wakandan ways of life, just little things at first. “who’s that?” sam asks, pointing at a statue, and t’challa always explains with patience and respect for a man that wants to learn. then bigger things, ideas and methods and rituals, because though he knows sam isn’t wakandan and never will be, he knows sam will respect their ways, and if he knows he will do his best to accept them and not judge.

t’challa going to sam for advice, sam just putting out this calming vibe that t’challa likes, that helps t’challa get through a really long day dealing with diplomatic bullshit

“you said you never liked the whole diplomacy thing, you’re doing well my man” sam reassures him whenever t’challa seems like he’s about to snap

t’challa and sam training together. it’s full of sam yelling and sniping at t’challa and t’challa is silent apart from “your flank is undefended” or “you would have caught that punch had you not been distracted by your own voice” but he’s exuding this air of amusement.

sam calling t’challa “kitty” as a friendly jab and t’challa deadpanning “birdie” right back at him

sam kissing t’challa’s cheek one day, then getting flustered and being all that’s what friends do in the united states but t’challa just shuts him up by pulling him into a real kiss

sam wilson accidentally becoming prince consort of wakanda and all his friends are like “????? how????” and sam just shrugs and says “oops”