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Design Name: Amerikan Current See

Capital 2 Designer: Mindpower Mikko

What about it? F*ck B*tches, Get Money. If you know TiRon’s song with Pac Div you might be singin’ it in your head every time you read it.

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Looking for models/photographers for the Cap2nation website's Lookbook!

I’m looking for some new photographers and/or models who are down to support our brand. We’ve been working on it but would like to get some of our supporters in it also! I will post some pics we’ve done but there are some details I want to go through so Email us: or shoot us a message!


CLASS OF 2012! I’ve been thinking about doing a contest for a collaboration with the senior class of 2012. It might be a contest, perhaps if any of you have a good idea or the BEST idea for senior t-shirts, i’ll print them and Seniors from all over the country could be rockin’ your shiiit. Or maybe we’ll add in a collab with the winner’s high school to swag the fuck out of the senior T’s. What do you guys think?

Here’s a collab we’ve already done with the Hug Hawk’s senior class here in Reno for the Class of 11 (ILLEVEN).