cap&x27;n jazz


whoop! made a new amv ;u; (i couldn’t resist using a song from bastille’s newest album…iTS SO GOOD…PLEASE LISTEN TO IT IF YOU HAVENT…)

yo waddup its ur boy ozzy back at it again B) this time, i’d like to present a revamped fandomless demon oc !! pre - warning: there will contain nsfw, gore, drugs, violence, abuse, and many other sensitive topics on this blog. now here’s a lil info on this sack of shit.

  • his name is jourdain anson palmer.
  • u can totally call him annie. but only if u wanna get shanked.
  • he has 4 different vessels he uses ( not including the original ; his main fc ). 
  • he will try to sell u drugs probably.
  • will also probably try to have the sex with u.
  • must protect All animals.
  • will literally kill u if u even look at an animal the wrong way.
  • obsessive. possessive. toxic. nasty. gross. 

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“Reach Out, I’ll Be There” by The Four Tops

Reach Out (1967)

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