cap sleeve t shirts

Signs aesthetics based on people I know

Aries: black ripped jeans, silver necklaces and rings, drivning a modern car in the middle of the night

Taurus: picnic on green grass a beautiful sunny day, chocolate bars

Gemini: plants, a room with white walls, glossy hair

Cancer: the ocean, people holding hands, soft ice cream

Leo: lipsticks with strong colours, many pillows in the bed, Netflix

Virgio: independent, sassy and sweethearts at the same time, eyeliner wings

Libra: glitter on the cheeks, oversized denim jackets, bubblegum

Scorpio: Late nights, hoodies, the moon, candles, messy hair

Sagittarius: The forest, bus travel, lollipops, big cozy scarf, coffee

Capricorn: tv shows, gym bags from expensive brands, t-shirts over long sleeves

Aquarius: baseball caps, planets, big eyes

Pisces: loose denim pants, cats, flowers

Can we talk about this Nightwing #4 panel that had me grinning foolishly in Costa earlier today? Notice:

1) The composition of this panel; how they’re standing in relation to each other (and how that relates to their dialogue), the body language

2) Batman in his new costume which actually looks good here and Dick in civvies –those  boots, jeans, sleevless/cap-sleeved white t-shirt that shows off his biceps, the blue cuff unngh


4) Bruce & Dick interacting. I wish it was a more interesting interaction, but, okay, it will do for now. I need mooooorrrreeee