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Trope Meme | Genderswap - Steve Rogers/Martha Jones (requested by madamelokiofasgard)

Summary: Martin Jones meets Sally Rogers when he comes to work as Senior Medical Officer for SHIELD. As he gets to know the living legend and the two fall into an unexpected friendship, Sally has to reconcile her feelings for a man she loved long ago, Peter Carter, as she starts to feel something toward the man she just met.

For Brooke <3 My first Stars and Stripes ficlet, I hope you enjoy! Love you, girl. :) 

And I will love you more than words could ever promise

‘Cause you take me the way I am

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Martha asked, a blush blooming across her cheeks as she noticed Steve’s soft smile. 

“Martha Jones, you never cease to amaze me,” he said. “For so long, everyone has always seen me as Captain America. That’s who I am. And I love being able to serve my country, and I don’t regret becoming Cap. But you… I can be just Steve Rogers with you. And that’s… really nice." 

Martha felt a wide grin spread across her own face as she reached forward, linking her fingers with his. 

"Steve Rogers is more than enough for me,” she said simply. 

25 Days of Fic Challenge: A Whovengered Christmas

Day 14: Gingerbread

“I hate this thing and it doesn’t make a bit of sense,” she all but growled, tossing the piece aside. “Whoever thought of buildin’ a house outta cookies was mental. This is ridiculous. Can’t we just go buy one, Steve?”

“Oh, Martha…where’s the fun in that? Here, let me help, I’ve done this a lot. Mom and I used to do this every December, and I’d give it to my teacher at school as a Christmas gift.” He grinned, looking for all the world like an oversized kid as he sat down and pulled her onto his lap. “Here,” he put the piping bag in her hand and lay his own over the top, applying gentle pressure and guiding her hand as they piped the thick icing along the edge of the piece.

Line by line they built the little house, him gradually giving her more control. He watched the look of concentration as she outlined little windows and added sticks of gum as open shutters. Together they added the LifeSavers shingles to the roof and slowly the whole thing came together.

They built a marshmallow snowman in the ‘front yard’ and Martha added a suit and sunglasses using food coloring and a paintbrush. Steve painted ‘Coulson’ on the mailbox and without ever exchanging a word they decided to leave the gingerbread house on Phil’s desk in the morning—after all he was a bit like a teacher in their eyes, certainly someone who deserved a thank you for putting up with all they threw his way and never once complaining.