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wait so what happened?? did someone steal your art??

I mean,  people repost my art with out my permission all the time but that’s another story

 what happened today :  So when I posted part one of Dandelions I had a lot of people ask if they could turn it into a fic. I politely told them all I wasn’t comfortable with that but I kept getting those kinds of messages. I finally got tired and typed up a rant as to why I didn’t want people making my comic a fic (you can read the rant here!

so fast forward and I post part 2 of dandelions. Literally the next morning I wake up to someone in all caps saying if I wasn’t going to make it a fanfiction (which it already is, its just in comic form) could they write it. 

already having dealt with constant messages like this, the all caps intensity of their message, and the fact that I had literally JUST woken up:  I fucking snapped. 

I was a little harsh but how they retaliated was completely inappropriate. hours later they proceeded to send me multiple messages, one after the other, pretending to be a bunch of people ganging up on me. Most of the messages I didn’t answer, a lot of them containing all kinds of insults from name calling to saying I mistreat my followers (which, oh god I hope not.. please let me know if I seem to not treat anyone well! I do have a busy schedule and I’m sorry if I don’t get to someone if they message me!).    They said I was over reacting and they were going to write the fic anyway because “its not like I could stop them” 

I have a feeling I know who this person is though, they harassed me when I had my ask blog. And I knew it was just one person because as soon as I blocked the IP address and refreshed my blog, ALL the terrible messages in my inbox vanished!  

I hope that all made sense. I’m still all shaky because of what all happened. Today has just been a shit day 

CHILDREN OF THE WORLD / PAKISTAN - As I travel around the world on various assignments, I never tire of taking photos of children. Not only are they so picturesque as only children can be, but they also represent a hope in them that can’t be found in any other type of images. In their joys and in their despair, in their riches and in their poverty, my heart goes out to them. I want to lift them up to the word and shout, “Look, this is the future! The future is in their hands!” I sometimes wonder, though, what kind of future will they have … The Gilgit-Baltistan area is the most spectacular and fascinating region of Pakistan. It is here that the four famous mountain ranges meet - the Himalayas, the Karakorams, the Hindukush and the Pamirs. The whole region has come to be known as a paradise for mountaineers, climbers, trekkers, hikers and fishermen. It is also a hotbed of politics and violence. I worry what the future holds for children like these two boys. Can they live peaceful, “normal” lives, or will they get caught up in the destructive and deadly violence brought on by political and religious idealism. The distinctive cap on the boy (left), called a Pakol, identifies him as a Pashtun. 

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our moms are co-workers and set us up on a date and we only agree to make them happy, with Klaine please?

oh yessss

I adapted it a little ;)

Ever since his dad left, Blaine knew that his mom wouldn’t stay idle and that she would find a job, if only to get back her self-respect.

He didn’t expect her to get a job at a garage–his mom? Small, precious, always perfectly dressed Pam Anderson, getting under the hood of massive cars and fixing them?

No, Blaine has to admit that he didn’t see it coming.

But he also has to admit that it’s good to see her smiling so widely, if tiredly, when she comes home from work, with grease under her nails and stories about her customers and her co-workers.

“… and Burt’s son keeps on surprising me,” she says over dinner one evening, while Blaine pulls the lasagnas out of the oven. “One moment he’s complaining about the poor quality of the skin products available at the Lima’s pharmacy, and the next he’s fixing this huge Hummer by himself.”

“So he’s multifaceted,” Blaine says, sitting down and wiggling his fingers until his mother gives him her plate. “Everybody has more than one side, mom.”

“Like you,” she says with a smile, “liking football and musicals …”

“I guess,” Blaine replies, digging into his plate.

“You know what would be a great idea?” she asks, and he looks up, cheek bulging with his mouthful.

“You should go on a date with Pam’s boy.”

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more shenanigans for our ramfreewood au!
you can pretty much entirely thank beren for this one because she was drunkenly playing guitar hero to avoid uni things and kept texting pretty ideas at me

comes with really fucking great art from her as well!

“I think it sounds like fun.” Geoff shrugged with a lazy smile directed at Ryan’s uncertain frown.

They were huddled together on the couch, Ryan balancing a laptop on his knees with Geoff and Gavin cuddling up to his sides. Gavin had hooked his chin on Ryan’s right shoulder, staring intently at the screen while Geoff was leaning into the arm Ryan had thrown over the back of the couch, his hand idly playing with the short hair at Geoff’s nape.

Geoff and Ryan had recently managed to secure two weeks vacation time for the same spot in July. Gavin had a three-day-shoot in England in the middle of that time, so the plan was to travel to the UK together, see London, visit Gav’s family, visit the shoot when Gavin would be working on it and just generally do some sight-seeing. Then the younger man had come up with the idea of visiting a festival during their vacation and for the first time in their planning session, Ryan’s face had settled into a frown.

“Come on, Ry. Bruce Springsteen’s gonna be there,” Gavin tried to convince him.


“Everybody knows any decent summer festival has Bruce Springsteen. That’s like a rule of thumb, innit?” Gavin asked.

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