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“You know you’re acting like an asshole right?”

I got up from the hotel bed my boyfriend I were sharing and searched for my shorts.

“Can you stop whining and come back to bed please? You build stuff up in your head like an idiot all by yourself. There’s nothing going on with me and that bitch, just stop.”

I turned around swiftly and narrowed my eyes.

“I literally read the messages, Brian. I saw, with my own two eyes, the lovey dovey messages you and that hoe were sending each other. You and I are the ones that are supposed to be speaking to each other like that, not you and that other fucking girl you prick.”

He rolled his eyes and actually shooed me away with his hand.

“Just go, you’re annoying me. Bye.”

He turned over away from me in bed and grabbed his phone from the stand.

I sighed while slipping on my sweater and making my way towards the door.

As I grabbed the handle, I couldn’t help but stop in my tracks and turn around.

“You love me, Brian?”

I just needed to hear him say it. I needed that assurance.

“Not right now. Leave.”

I chewed on my lip while my grip righted and held in my tears.


I sat at the small coffee shop, facing the window and allowing my tears to run freely.

Literally no one but me and the barista, who was more focused on his phone, were in the shop at the moment.

The dark night and rainy weather seemed appropriate.

I sipped on my hot macchiato and contemplated everything going on with me and my boyfriend.

He may not think so, but I consider him speaking to another girl in such a loving manner, cheating.

Affairs start with conversations.

I wiped away yet another tear with my sleeve and rested my chin on my hand while continuing to stare out the window.

I felt like I was in an R&B music video.

I heard the little door bell ding as someone entered and I made sure to turn my body more towards the window.

The last thing I wanted was someone seeing me look pathetic and taking pity on me.

I took a slow sip of my warm drink once more when as, what sounded like a man, ordered his drink at the front.

It was pretty much background noise to me as I was consumed with the complicated situation I was in with my asshole boyfriend.

Before I knew it, I felt the presence of someone beside me.

“Excuse me,”

I heard a kind voice say.

I looked up to find a handsome man with a cap and sun glasses on looking down at me with a small smile. A cup of coffee in his hands.

“I hate to bother you but you seem really upset. Are you okay?”

Obviously this guy looked shady as fuck with his hat and shades on in doors AND it’s dark outside. So I just wanted him to get away from me.

“I’m okay, thank you. My boyfriend should be here any minute so,”

My small and slightly polite way of shooing him away.

“Mind if I wait with you while he comes?”

The man, with no shame, sat himself in front of me and set his drink down.

I had no time to react before he removed his cap and sun glasses, revealing a very attractive man with plump lips and sweet eyes.

“Thanks,” he said with a pretty smile before taking a sip of his drink.

I was still dumbfounded about this strange, attractive man just sitting himself in front of me for no apparent reason.

I mean.

He doesn’t look or seem like he feels sorry for me.

He stared out the window for a bit before checking his phone.

While I still stay there staring at him. Trying to figure out which one of us was the crazy one.

He then looked up with that same nice smile and stuck his hand out to me.

“I’m Jackson by the way. You?”

I stared at his hand strangely before slowly and sort of reluctantly reaching for it with my own.

“Y/N,” I answered slowly and softly.

“Y/N! That’s a pretty name. So what’s on your mind tonight, Y/N?”

My mouth was left agape as I tried to find something to say.

How can this stranger just strike up a conversation with some crying chick in a cafe???

“Uhh…n-nothing. What’s…what’s on your mind?”

Why the hell am I giving this guy my time? I should just get up and leave.

“Well the only thing that’s on my mind is me wondering why there’s a really pretty girl in a coffee shop late at night in LA, crying her little heart out.”

His eyes turned somber and appeared worrisome.

Before I had the chance to speak, he stepped right back in.

“And! I have a slight feeling it has something to do with that boyfriend she mentioned earlier. The one who’s "on his way” right?“

He air quoted ‘on his way’ and looked damned adorable rolling his eyes while he did so.

I let out a light laugh before sitting up fully and shaking my head.

This guy doesn’t seem too bad…

"It might. Or what if I just really like coffee late at night while it’s raining?”

I said before taking another sip of my macchiato.

He laughed an infectious laugh before lifting his cup up to me and clinking with mine.

“Then join the club!”

We both laughed before sitting back and carefully observed each other.

This guy was…unbelievably good looking.

And I think has an Asian background.

“Where are you from?”

I asked leaning on my arms and paying attention to Jackson.

“China! But for the most part I live in South Korea. I’m actually in a music group and we’re here on tour.”

“Interesting. What music group?”

He brushed his hair back before taking a sip of his drink.

“We’re called Got7. It’s a K-Pop group.”

My eyes widened a bit before I nodded along.

“My best friend loves that one group. BTS?”

He nodded quickly with a small smile.

“Bangtan boys! I actually know them, they’re great guys.”

“They’re all super fine too.”

I added before taking a sip of my drink and looking at Jackson for his reaction.

He only laughed that perfect laugh and nodded.

“Uhh we’re all super fine,” he began while he motioned his hands up and down his body.

“If you hadn’t noticed.”

We both laughed hardily before I leaned back and just stared at him some more.

“So what’s a big K pop star such as yourself hanging out with little ol’ me in this small coffee shop at 2:00 AM for?”

Hi smile lightened a little before he brushed his hair back once more and leaned forward, holding onto his coffee cup.

“I guess I…just needed a break from…everything. Even if it was just for an hour or so.”

He looked down at the coffee cup while gently tapping his fingers against it.

“It’s exhausting sometimes and I needed some form of relief, I think.”

I saw his expression change into one of…anger?

He gripped his coffee cup a little tighter before causing me to jump by banging his free fist onto the table.

“I shouldn’t fucking think like that. I should work harder. But I’m just so tired…”

I chewed on my lip as I watched his breathing grow heavy while he did not dare look me in the eyes.


I very slowly and softly rested my hand against his clenched one.

“You do not need to feel ashamed or bad for not wanting, but needing a break. My best friend explained to me what all you guys have to go through and honestly, I’m shocked you’re not passed out on your hotel bed right now,”

I slowly started stroking his now less tense fist with my thumb.

“Take your break, you deserve it. And thank you for taking your break or "waiting” with little ol’ me.“

I saw him slowly look up and face me.

His expression was calm and sweet once more.

Before I knew it, he had flipped his hand over and grabbed onto mine, lifting it up to his lips and leaving a sweet kiss to my knuckles.

I blushed while he gently laid my hand back down.

"So who’s the stupid guy who’s upset someone as sweet as you tonight?”

He asked, looking into my eyes and leaning on his arms.

I sighed deeply and shrugged, remembering my own problems.

“Well, let me ask you.”

I sat up straighter and watched as Jackson paid all of his attention to me.

“Go ahead,”

He said.

“If you’re with someone…romantically I mean. And it’s been exclusive for awhile. And you see that the person you’re with has been talking to another person… the same exact way that they speak to you, romantically I mean. Would you consider that cheating?”

I looked up to his eyes, desperate for proof that I wasn’t over reacting.

That I didn’t deserve this kind of treatment from my boyfriend.

That…that he is cheating on me.

His eyes widened a bit before they narrowed and he threw his arms on either side of his head.

“That’s cheating!”

He exclaimed before dropping his arms and shaking his head.

“I mean, how do you think relationships, even romantic ones, begin? With conversation! It all depends on the context but if it’s the same type of manner he’s speaking to his significant other with then most definitely.”

I nodded along at his words and looked down.

“Yeah, I agree with you.”

It was my turn to grip onto my coffee cup in frustration now.

I felt a large hand rest on my arm and slowly start stroking up and down.

“You don’t deserve that. You’re too good for him.”

I looked up with slightly tinted cheeks while chewing on my bottom lip.

“Do you know how a girl like you deserves to be treated?”

He asked while looking directly into my eyes.

I shook my head no and waited for him to continue.

“Like…like…like she’s the most important thing in the entire world. Like…you have to be absolutely certain to watch your step because you don’t wanna take any chance of losing her. Like…better than a princess. Or a queen! Like,”

He tapped his hand onto his chest where his heart was.

“Like she is the other half of who you are.”

“A soulmate.”

I cut in, looking up at Jackson completely.

“Yes! Yeah a soulmate. Exactly.”

I nodded and took a sip of my drink.

“Brian laughs when I talk about soulmates. He doesn’t think they’re real.”

Jackson gave a confused look before shaking his head and scoffing.

“So who are you supposed to marry? Be with this person the rest of your life, if there are no soulmates? Just some random person? I refuse to believe that. Brian is really stupid.”

We both laughed once more before I nodded my head and completely agreed.


Before our conversation was going to continue, Jackson’s phone lit up.

“Excuse me Y/N, just one second.”

I nodded before he answered his phone and started speaking to someone in a language I didn’t understand.

Korean probably.

I smiled to myself at that before Jackson hung up.

“Can I see your phone?”

He said while putting his hand out.

I have a questioning look before I unlocked my phone and handed it to him.

Usually I wouldn’t just give my phone to just anyone but for some reason, I just trusted Jackson.

He started typing away quickly.

“Aaaaand there you go.”

He handed my phone back.

I looked at the screen and smiled as I saw he had put his phone number with the contact name “Hot Coffee Shop Guy”.

I giggled, actually giggled, before putting my phone down and looking back up at him.

“I, unfortunately, have to leave now. Apparently my managers are upset or whatever. But I’d really like to "wait” with you again sometime…if that’s okay with you?“

I was about to reply when he cut back in.

"And I don’t want to seem disrespectful towards your relationship with that stupid Brian guy, but you actually helped me a lot tonight and you’re so nice and fun to talk to and make me…make me feel calm I think? And it would be a shame to lose you as a friend cause, well I consider you a friend already, and oh! maybe you can meet the rest of my members sometime, they’d love you. Also maybe your best friend and you can come to a show? That’d be so-”


I finally interrupted his rant.

He looked at me blushing while I reached out for his hand, which he gladly put into mine.

“I’d love to "wait” with you again.“

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wait so what happened?? did someone steal your art??

I mean,  people repost my art with out my permission all the time but that’s another story

 what happened today :  So when I posted part one of Dandelions I had a lot of people ask if they could turn it into a fic. I politely told them all I wasn’t comfortable with that but I kept getting those kinds of messages. I finally got tired and typed up a rant as to why I didn’t want people making my comic a fic (you can read the rant here!

so fast forward and I post part 2 of dandelions. Literally the next morning I wake up to someone in all caps saying if I wasn’t going to make it a fanfiction (which it already is, its just in comic form) could they write it. 

already having dealt with constant messages like this, the all caps intensity of their message, and the fact that I had literally JUST woken up:  I fucking snapped. 

I was a little harsh but how they retaliated was completely inappropriate. hours later they proceeded to send me multiple messages, one after the other, pretending to be a bunch of people ganging up on me. Most of the messages I didn’t answer, a lot of them containing all kinds of insults from name calling to saying I mistreat my followers (which, oh god I hope not.. please let me know if I seem to not treat anyone well! I do have a busy schedule and I’m sorry if I don’t get to someone if they message me!).    They said I was over reacting and they were going to write the fic anyway because “its not like I could stop them” 

I have a feeling I know who this person is though, they harassed me when I had my ask blog. And I knew it was just one person because as soon as I blocked the IP address and refreshed my blog, ALL the terrible messages in my inbox vanished!  

I hope that all made sense. I’m still all shaky because of what all happened. Today has just been a shit day 

CHILDREN OF THE WORLD / PAKISTAN - As I travel around the world on various assignments, I never tire of taking photos of children. Not only are they so picturesque as only children can be, but they also represent a hope in them that can’t be found in any other type of images. In their joys and in their despair, in their riches and in their poverty, my heart goes out to them. I want to lift them up to the word and shout, “Look, this is the future! The future is in their hands!” I sometimes wonder, though, what kind of future will they have … The Gilgit-Baltistan area is the most spectacular and fascinating region of Pakistan. It is here that the four famous mountain ranges meet - the Himalayas, the Karakorams, the Hindukush and the Pamirs. The whole region has come to be known as a paradise for mountaineers, climbers, trekkers, hikers and fishermen. It is also a hotbed of politics and violence. I worry what the future holds for children like these two boys. Can they live peaceful, “normal” lives, or will they get caught up in the destructive and deadly violence brought on by political and religious idealism. The distinctive cap on the boy (left), called a Pakol, identifies him as a Pashtun. 

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our moms are co-workers and set us up on a date and we only agree to make them happy, with Klaine please?

oh yessss

I adapted it a little ;)

Ever since his dad left, Blaine knew that his mom wouldn’t stay idle and that she would find a job, if only to get back her self-respect.

He didn’t expect her to get a job at a garage–his mom? Small, precious, always perfectly dressed Pam Anderson, getting under the hood of massive cars and fixing them?

No, Blaine has to admit that he didn’t see it coming.

But he also has to admit that it’s good to see her smiling so widely, if tiredly, when she comes home from work, with grease under her nails and stories about her customers and her co-workers.

“… and Burt’s son keeps on surprising me,” she says over dinner one evening, while Blaine pulls the lasagnas out of the oven. “One moment he’s complaining about the poor quality of the skin products available at the Lima’s pharmacy, and the next he’s fixing this huge Hummer by himself.”

“So he’s multifaceted,” Blaine says, sitting down and wiggling his fingers until his mother gives him her plate. “Everybody has more than one side, mom.”

“Like you,” she says with a smile, “liking football and musicals …”

“I guess,” Blaine replies, digging into his plate.

“You know what would be a great idea?” she asks, and he looks up, cheek bulging with his mouthful.

“You should go on a date with Pam’s boy.”

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more shenanigans for our ramfreewood au!
you can pretty much entirely thank beren for this one because she was drunkenly playing guitar hero to avoid uni things and kept texting pretty ideas at me

comes with really fucking great art from her as well!

“I think it sounds like fun.” Geoff shrugged with a lazy smile directed at Ryan’s uncertain frown.

They were huddled together on the couch, Ryan balancing a laptop on his knees with Geoff and Gavin cuddling up to his sides. Gavin had hooked his chin on Ryan’s right shoulder, staring intently at the screen while Geoff was leaning into the arm Ryan had thrown over the back of the couch, his hand idly playing with the short hair at Geoff’s nape.

Geoff and Ryan had recently managed to secure two weeks vacation time for the same spot in July. Gavin had a three-day-shoot in England in the middle of that time, so the plan was to travel to the UK together, see London, visit Gav’s family, visit the shoot when Gavin would be working on it and just generally do some sight-seeing. Then the younger man had come up with the idea of visiting a festival during their vacation and for the first time in their planning session, Ryan’s face had settled into a frown.

“Come on, Ry. Bruce Springsteen’s gonna be there,” Gavin tried to convince him.


“Everybody knows any decent summer festival has Bruce Springsteen. That’s like a rule of thumb, innit?” Gavin asked.

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