cap credit to wecapdancemoms

Dedicated to my Discussing Dance Moms girls (it’s been exactly 2 years!) and the rest of my loves (ie. Tay P and Keeley and Ant) even though I haven’t spoken to most of you in forever and half of you are missing.

Cap credit goes to wecapdancemoms! :)


Finally getting around to posting some icons. I promised a huge icon set when I reached 1000 followers which was obviously a long time ago, so in thanks for all your patience I will be uploading a couple different themed icon sets over the next month. This one is strictly colorporn icons of caps, so they are definitely on the more simple side. I hope you guys still like them though and feedback is always appreciated. I will be uploading icons of mini dancers, and more of the dance moms girls soon. Suggestions are always welcome :)

Please like/reblog if you plan on using, credit is always appreciated but not mandatory.  Credit for caps goes to cappingdancemoms and wecapdancemoms.