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captain america

❝ i can respect the man. but just because a man shows respect to another man, doesn’t mean he likes him. i am sure would agree. captain america. i believe he would find my problems with him trivial now, in this place. insignificant. but i must certainly disagree. as a charmed hero, placed upon a pedestal by everyone with eyes to see and mouths to speak, outside of wakanda, you would think captain america has coined the phrase: actions speak louder than words. he’d forgotten that in lagos. he’d forgotten that with my father and the sokovia accords. or maybe he chose to ignore it. go against it. maybe because they were not one of his own. maybe because eleven of them were wakandans, so none of their lives mattered. whatever his insolent excuse, no amount of words could bring those twenty-six people back because of his team’s destruction. and it isn’t the first time the avengers have caused such mass destruction in their wake. they can be compared to GODS, believing themselves to be invincible because they are the avengers. untouchable because they ‘ save the day ’. but have they ever been held accountable for what they’ve done? the lives they’ve lost? the destruction they cause? my father was onto something with the accords. ms.romanoff showed up to represent the avengers who thought enough was enough. but our wakandan lives were not enough for the captain to surrender that shield. his arrogance. surrender freely wielding that thing like a petulant child. 

and he decided to start a war because he did not want to be held accountable. become a fugitive because he thought the avengers HIGHER than this. how much higher did he think he could go? before he would realize: the only way to go is down. how far did he think he and his friends could run from me? forgive but don’t forget? i don’t believe i have forgiven him or forgotten what he’s done. who he thinks he is. i will remember, because it may show up again. which is why i cannot fully trust him. and what of bucky? he was a victim to all of this, but what will he do if the winter soldier kills the wrong people? will he still protect him, and sacrifice targets on his own teams back? on our own backs? he holds a certain fondness for the man, i can see it. but if he can easily turn his back on his teammates for him, can he really be trusted as a leader?