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do you have recs for what stackie videos to show people to begin with?

obivously the three best moments videos are a gem: 1, 2, 3

and this is getting mad long

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Okay, but Sebastian being (platonically) in love with Anthony opens so many possibilities: has Anthony any idea of the things Sebastian says about him? How is Chris reacting to the fact that his co-star is using every weapon he owns to win over his bff's heart? Is Sebastian even serious or is this an inside joke between the two of them? If this is what Sebastian does for his friends, what kind of romantic sappy shit does he tell to his girlfriend? To his mother?!?!

chris: i was gonna call up my best friend anthony to hang out tonight, wanna come?

seb ‘steal yo friend’ stan: i can’t, i’m going to the movies with my Best Friend™ Anthony. *winks* but you have fun

but seriously their friendship is nothing but unanswered questions???? what happened between the cap 2 press tour and the filming of cw???? do they double date???? has seb watched anthony’s kids before???? what do they do on birthdays????? do they see chris standing outside of the restaurant in the rain staring longingly at anthony???? karaoke duets??? regular skype sessions???? did seb wish anthony a happy father’s day???? what do sheletta and margarita think about the fact that their boys are literally jd and turk??? what is the thought process of people given the task to interview them?????? what is the infinity war press tour gonna be like?????????

no offense but seeing sebastian look so proud of himself when he makes anthony laugh adds 20 years to my life like this friendship is so unexpected and great and i’m too thankful for the cap 2 press tour bringing it about

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The Paris press conference in it’s entirety :)