The Avengers v Age of Ultron
  • Avengers:fuck yeah! natasha doesn't need a man to define her! She can kick ass and have her own plot without a man!!!
  • Age of Ultron:cAn't you SEE!!! She's clearly been in love with bruce THE WHOLE tIME!!! It's sOO OBvious! Also she's clearly a monster with a huge burden because she can't have kids!!!
  • fans:
  • fans:
  • literally everyone who has seen the movies at all:
  • quiksilver from his grave:
  • Ultrons dead ass:
  • even loki from wherever the hell he is:
aesthetics for the signs

aries: loud laughing and bruised knuckles
taurus: bath bombs and lazy buns
gemini: pillow fights and desolate playgrounds
cancer: bashful smiles and unused notebooks
leo: fireworks and picnics on sunny days
virgo: rainstorms early on sunday mornings
libra: winged eyeliner and messy sketches
scorpio: loud rock concerts and black clothing
sagittarius: long days spent adventuring in the woods
capricorn: dyed hair and sarcastic comments
aquarius: flickering neon signs in run-down corner stores
pisces: the feeling of silk and running mascara


‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ May Confirm A Huge Fan Theory

You didn’t see this coming?“Avengers: Age of Ultron” finally hit U.S. theaters on Friday, and wow, wow, wow. The action is amazing, the jokes are hilarious and the Avengers are avenging.Even with all the awesomeness, there may be another reason altogether why the movie is a brilliant follow-up to the third highest-grossing release of all time. After the first “Avengers” movie, a theory began popping up online, and it may have just been confirmed in the final scene of “Age of Ultron.” Read the theory here.