grateful-kitty-deactivated20150  asked:

You can't go against what's in the constitution. It is our right to bare arms. What people should be doing is teaching each other what's morally right. What would happen if they take our guns, then zombies or something happen? You'd be dead. I am completely against murder of any kind, but they shouldn't have the ability to just take our guns because SICK people use them for the wrong reasons. Just sayin-

Zombies? Are you really fucking bringing this up right now? No. Stop.

We teach children from a young age that it’s wrong to kill people. But what do you know, people get killed by other people all the time. Obviously, people create their own opinions about the world, their own ideologies where certain people deserve to live and certain people don’t. People are living, changing beings and teaching them something from childhood doesn’t always stick. 

The Second Amendment was created to arm Americans in case the British ever attacked again, or some other imperialistic country tried to take over the colonies. In the 1700s. People are misinterpreting it today, seeing that it says that since we have the right, we have the necessity. Which is not true. It is out-dated and in desperate need of revision.