One of the most popular backcountry hikes in Zion National Park, The Subway is not to be missed. This unique slot canyon was sculpted by the Left Fork of North Creek, and moving water chisels the rock floor, leaving behind shallow potholes. This amazing photo by Tiffany Nguyen captures the size and scale of The Subway. To explore The Subway, visitors must get permits, and it’s subjected to daily limits. For more great photos of Zion, check out 

Photo courtesy of Tiffany Nguyen.

Colorado National Monument has experienced some intense thunderstorms this month, making for some dramatic photos. This amazing shot by Bob Ingelhart from July 10 captures a lightning storm overlooking Monument Canyon. Photo courtesy of Bob Ingelhart.

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Not sure how else to link this.  It is a video of Andrew Bird playing a violin in Canyon Lands National Park in Utah.  It is gorgeous to say the least.

Dream Run: Moab, Utah

This post is the start of many dream runs. I want to start researching beautiful places to go for a run so that we can all be inspired to travel outside our own areas to other gorgeous locations. 

First stop…Moab, Utah! Ever since my husband and I stopped at the Grand Canyon on our move across America I have wanted to explore more of what Utah and the Southwest has to offer. Gorgeous scenery and beautiful red rock.  And of course a lot of sunshine never hurt anybody! 

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It doesn’t get much better than the views found at Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. This sunset shot was taken at the park’s Cape Royal, which provides a panorama up, down and across the canyon. With seemingly unlimited vistas to the east and west, it is popular for both sunrise and sunset. Photo by Brent Johnson (

Located in the heart of Dinosaur National Monument canyon country, Echo Park provides many opportunities to enjoy remarkable surroundings and discover Fremont petroglyphs. At night the sky is filled with a spectacular display of stars thanks to the lack of light pollution – making stargazing a must. Pictured here, the Milky Way fills the night sky along the Green River. Photo by Dan Duriscoe, National Park Service.