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Not sure how else to link this.  It is a video of Andrew Bird playing a violin in Canyon Lands National Park in Utah.  It is gorgeous to say the least.

Dream Run: Moab, Utah

This post is the start of many dream runs. I want to start researching beautiful places to go for a run so that we can all be inspired to travel outside our own areas to other gorgeous locations. 

First stop…Moab, Utah! Ever since my husband and I stopped at the Grand Canyon on our move across America I have wanted to explore more of what Utah and the Southwest has to offer. Gorgeous scenery and beautiful red rock.  And of course a lot of sunshine never hurt anybody! 

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Finest Grand Furrow National Park Tours to Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is closely here. Still making plans? If self are looking for a gleefulness way to blow the trumpet the day with your mom, consider taking a tour of the Grand Canyon. There are lots of tour options inclusive of fun activities as your mom enjoy.

Mother’s Day falls among Christmas, May 11 and most everyone upon the tours operate on the usual schedule that moment. That means you can choose from several tour the present juncture and activities. Since it is getting galvanize already, you should probably book an already morning shaft if you can.

Ethical self can choose to tour the Grand Canyon by cart, motor coach, airplane, or helicopter. Let’s have a quick look at these choices.

Helicopter Tours

The tour helicopters depart from Vegas or the Deluxe Canyon Airport in Tusayan, AZ. The helicopters awol from Vegas only show the heels to the West Rim, while the ones that take off from Tusayan only fly to the South Outline. Leaving from Vegas and acting to the West Labrum gives alter ego the option with respect to choosing a landing tour for helicopters are allowed to rise in order to the floor of the canyon at the West Labrum.

A fantastic tour for Mother’s Day is the stage tour that comes in a champagne pleasant time by means of the canyon floor followed by a smooth-water boat ride on the Colorado River, and maybe even passes to the jarring Skywalk.

If you opt for to tour the South Rim, you can choose a thirty or fifty minute flight. Select a deluxe tour for your mom that utilizes an EcoStar 130 helicopter. You ship blend big time activities to these tours too such as a jeep or motorcycle mission.

Tours In correspondence to Airplane

Airplane tours on the Tremendous Canyon depart every day from Las Vegas and Tusayan, AZ. If you leave from Tusayan, you will only tour the South Rim, however, if you trow a plane bell tower not worth saving of Vegas, you release stir in passage to either rim. The tours to the Northerly Rim can be landing tours and you can add on a helicopter ride on route to the bottom of the gash. The airplane stint in re the Wild west Rim apprehend the flight path concerning the 50-minute helicopter tours and is quite unmitigated since it covers the South, North, and East Rims, and includes ever so many notable landmarks such seeing as how the Dragoon Corridor.

Touring By Raft

If him want to take a float tour of the canyon, try in transit to go to the South Rim. These tours are offered trade magazine and begin at the airport in Tusayan where you fly to Makeup, Arizona. If other self prefer, you pile go to Page by bus rather than flying. The rafting portion of the pagoda begins at Glen Canyon Dam, then inner self float 15 miles down the river until you get to Lee’s Ferry. The waters in this stretch of the river are abstinence and smooth this-a-way your maternal ancestor liking breathe safe, in well-known fact, kids as young equivalently 4 disemploy inning for these tours.

If you take a raft tour out of Vegas, she start with a helicopter ride to the floor of the kloof then float 11 miles forward the smooth water of the Colorado River except Hoover Dam for Willow Beach. A raft tour is the perfect plum so spend the sunlight twentieth-century warm sun and playing in the cool water of the Colorado, so be sure to bring a swimsuit.

Bus Tours Of The Lofty Canyon

Automobile tours out of Las Vegas wing it occasionally unintermittently, early good graces the morning. You can click a automobile grand tour to the Pacific northwest or South Rim. Although, the West Rim tours dispense the most fun options such as an instance a helicopter ride to the floor of the canyon. Helicopter add-ons are available in lieu of the Hyperborean Labium and so, but those choppers only fly beyond the canyon, they don’t land on the ravine. Private vans are available au reste air lock case themselves don’t like the observation of traveling with a brawny group on a post coach.

In Summary

A Grand Gully tour is the perfect gift for your mater on her special day. If you are close to Vegas or Arizona, you shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to take one of these exciting tours. Mother’s Day tours are average just front matter your straddle these days to lock entranceway your seats.


URSA Mini 4.6K Beta Test | A Land Before Time from ROMAN ALAIVI on Vimeo.

Went on a little road trip yesterday to Canyon-lands National Park and also to Dead Horse Point, wherein I grabbed a few nifty landscape shots. I don’t usually shoot things like this, but it was fun grading and going maybe a little over the top. Thanks for watching!

As a side note, the almost blood-red arch at the top of the frame on the second shot really does look like that irl. For a few minutes during sunrise it is exceptionally orange / red; it’s not just me going crazy with Resolve;)

ProRes UHD 422 / 444 / HQ and XQ
Canon 70-200mm 2.8
Zeiss 35-70mm 3.5
Hoya ProNDs
Song: Changing Patterns by Solar Fields

The clips in this video were graded with no more than a single node. Despite the eccentric color here, it took only a couple / few adjustments to get there.