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Recovery None (61/61)

Disclaimer: Red vs Blue and related characters are the property of Rooster Teeth.
Warnings: Language, Canon-typically violence, Psychological torture & manipulation, Mentions of gore, Character death, Minor Sexual content
Pairings: Yorkalina, Chex, Sisouth
Rating: T
Synopsis: [Canon Divergence AU] When the Mother of Invention crashed, Project Freelancer was in shambles, its surviving agents scattered, its equipment stolen, and an impending investigation into the crash from the UNSC was on the horizon. To regain control of the deeply corrupted program, the Director established a new unit from his remaining supplies – the Recovery Unit.

Three former Freelancers were chosen for particular tasks: Zero is to hunt down and destroy the Meta, One is to investigate and recover stolen or missing equipment, and Two is to take down AWOL former agents.

Of course, no one’s motivations are what they seem…

A/N: We’re… here. We’re at the end. I am… completely and utterly stunned and don’t know what to say but… we’re here. I’ve completed the literal longest thing I have ever written and there are not words to describe how I feel about this journey. I feel completely different from the person who started this fic, I feel like the fandom is completely different from when I started this fic. And wow. It’s just been such a journey and the support and love and commitment of you guys who have supported me all along – like you all deserve awards. Putting up with my laziness and scheduling issues and everything in between. You guys are awesome and I cannot thank you enough.

Now, while this is the end, I do want you to know – for those who would be interested – that I will be eventually writing a sequel for this that will deal with our Recovery gang and the Chorus arc. I’m really excited and scared about it, but it’s a while off. So anyone who wants know how things end up after the ending, hopefully I’ll be getting that out to you sooner than later. Also hopefully less than 61 chapters because let’s be honest, this fic is a monster haha

Sincerely, thank you every single person who has supported me throughout this fic. It wouldn’t happen without you. And a special thanks to @analiarvb, @secretlystephaniebrown, @notatroll7, @every-survival, @washingtonstub, @icefrozenover, Yin, Red, meep, and @a-taller-tale for the feedback!

The End

South and Washington had looks on their faces as if they knew exactly what steps were coming before them. Like there was nothing at all to be hesitant about. The wind had just picked up their sails and it was going to take them forward. It was going to take them to the End. 

But Carolina, despite her harsh words, had hesitation.

We have to make him pay, Carolina. This is our chance. You promised we’d make him pay– Epsilon was harshly echoing in her mind. 

“I know,” she said lowly before looking back at the crowd that had gathered together in order to secure such a shaky victory for them to begin with. Her gaze was met with York and Niner’s, several yards apart. “They came to help.”

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Exposed rock surfaces in the Pima Canyon Wash, South Mountain Preserve, Phoenix, Arizona. Please click any photo in the set for enlarged views.

“The eastern half of the South Mountains contains granitic rocks that are salt-and-pepper colored on freshly broken surfaces, but are generally coated by a brown or tan veneer of desert varnish. These rocks were formed in the Cenozoic Era only 25 million years ago, when molten rocks solidified in a large chamber several miles below the earth’s surface. The granites are the same age as volcanic rocks of similar composition that dominate the landscape of the Superstition Mountains east of Phoenix. While the granites were cooling and crystallizing, they were sheared by movement on a major, gently inclined fault zone that was discovered during geologic mapping of the range. The shearing took place at high enough temperatures, perhaps 3000 to 4000 C, to produce a foliation, or planar orientation of minerals, in granitic rocks on top of the range. As the granitic rocks continued to cool, the shearing became increasingly brittle and formed a breccia, a rock composed of angular fragments. The fault responsible for this shearing is no longer active and is not likely to cause earthquakes, but is probably present at depth below most of Phoenix, Tempe, and Mesa. Movement on the fault is responsible for the southwest tilt of the Cenozoic volcanic and sedimentary rocks of Camelback Mountain, Tempe Buttes, and Papago Park.”

- Excerpt from “Geologic History of the South Mountains” by Stephen J. Reynolds in Arizona Bureau of Geology and Mineral Technology Fieldnotes, Vol 15, No. 1, Spring 1985.


Monsoon thunderstorms caused the Canyon Del Oro Wash to flood on August 19th, 2014. Oro Valley, Arizona.