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The most epic roadtrip ever. We left Texas to drive to Nebraska for our family reunion. Then to South Dakota for Mount Rushmore and Sturgis. Followed by Yellowstone then Salt Lake City and kindig design (aka bitchin rides) then salt flat racing. Finished our tour by seeing the north rim of the Grand Canyon. Followed IH40 back to Texas. 10 states. 3400 miles. 3 brothers, 3 wagons, our dad and our sons! Awesome trip!


Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, USA

choisgirls  asked:

how dare you bring back saeran the jolly green giant i feel like im on a ride down the river in the Betrayal Kayak(tm)

how bout you take a ride down dem LEGS so T H I C C or you can go ahead and ride his kayak


Heading into the holiday weekend with beautiful new shots of Red Cliffs National Conservation Area in Utah.  Add Red Cliffs to your bucket list for rugged beauty and miles of trails – great for hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding.  #getoutdoors

Photos by Bob Wick, BLM

rocky is so talented he can dance, rap, and sing and i feel like this isn’t even it i feel like one day he’s just gonna pull all these random talents out of his back pocket like who knows ????? he can probably tight rope across the grand canyon !!! he probably can ride a unicycle or maybe he’s really good at makeup!! minhyuk the type of kid to seem ordinary but then be able to solve a rubix cube while reciting 250 digits of pi !! i’m convinced he can do anything


Ending the day with new photos of Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and wilderness within the stunning desert landscape – by Bob Wick, BLM.  The grey limestone of the La Madre Peaks Wilderness contrasts beautifully with the red sandstone in Rainbow Mountain Wilderness, most often associated with the conservation area.  

About the area, Bob says: “Its amazing to be in a wilderness setting looking at the Las Vegas Strip just 10 miles away as the crow flies (see Las Vegas Night).”  

Navajo people traveling through the Canyon de Chelly in 1904. This famous picture of the seven riders on horseback and their dog was taken by American photographer Edward Sheriff Curtis. Curtis was best known for his studies of Native Americans. He spent more than thirty years of his life photographing them.


Happy 120th birthday to Utah, our 45th state! 

The BLM manages nearly 22.9 million acres of public lands in Utah, from the snow-capped peaks of remote mountain ranges to colorful red-rock canyons. Visit these stunning lands in 2016 for one-of-a-kind hikes, floats, camping and more! #getoutdoors  


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Babes Ride Out co-founder and self-proclaimed star child, Anya Violet has been riding for as long as she can remember. Her childhood memories are laced with moments of riding dirt bikes with her mother, and spending weekends racing motocross in the local circuits. To put it bluntly: Anya is a total bad-ass through-and-through. But don’t let that fool you! Anya is one of the most positive, warm, down-to-earth girls you’ll ever meet, and has the out-of-this world ability to make you feel like you’ve known each other for many many lightyears. We caught up with this ball of positive energy before the roll out to Joshua Tree to learn more about the birthing place of Babes Ride Out, and her helpful advice for any girl looking to get into riding.

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we were nowhere near...

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AU in which someone questions the group about the grand canyon/wisconsin/philly situations

Everyone’s riding in the suburban when you see it. It stands out, that’s for sure.  Resting flat in the middle of a valley, with various Z’s trapped in it and on it, is a ball of cheese.
Not just any ball of cheese. A ball of cheese you heard about. The biggest ball of cheese. And for some reason, it’s here. Being eaten by some seemingly-vegetarian or very-confused zombies.
“Is that…?” You ask. 10 and Doc share a glance, and you turn towards them, brows furrowed.
“How did the worlds biggest wall of cheese end up here?” You ask. Again, there’s no reply.

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