canyon racing


Canyon Project 3,7

‘Projekt 3.7′ is a concept bike from 2004 which came about when Canyon teamed up with renowned design engineer and bike tech writer Hans Christian Smolik to showcase the company’s latest technology (at the time) and just how light a bike could be built. At 3.7kg it was, according to Canyon, the lightest road bike in the world.

I dunno man, i felt like Zion would look pretty cute with Ram’s ears?? but at the same time, i think i might try and find a more creative way to show her ramlyness, because i don’t want all the variations in Canyon Jive’s races to just be that they all have different animal ears you know??? maybe hooves or slant eyes??? 

(also rip me, trying to color a sketch from a phone picture) 

1. Your toothbrush next to mine.
2. You never sneeze the same way twice.
3. Yesterday, your mother asked me to call her “Mom.” She said she didn’t understand all the big fuss over joining the family because she already considered me a part of it.

At the Grand Canyon, we raced to memorize every animal fact we could, and did not waste any flicker of campfire without letting people know the greatest threat to manatees is fishing boats; skunks won’t spray if there’s a chance they’ll smell themselves. We became our own favorite game.
5. My happiest moment is the night we couldn’t sleep. We ransacked the beach chairs out of your garage and sat in the middle of the sleeping street with our bodies laid out to the sky. We peeled back the layered paint on the stars; tried our best guesses at what they all meant.
6. You call me by my full name, and I never knew how beautiful it could sound.
7. When we come home, we tell each other about all the dogs we met today; all the shades of green we watched in the trees.
8. I could spend an entire day kissing every inch of your shoulders.
9. Neither one of us sleep pretty, but you are still the most remarkable thing I wake to.

10. I can’t talk about this to anyone else. They don’t understand it like I do: all the stupid, silly things that don’t mean anything, but they matter to me.
  They matter to me.
You matter to me.

—  Schuyler Peck, Stupid Silly Things