canyon racing

Name: Kate
Age: 23
Gender: female
Race: Ikana canyon

Personality: kind,chill,smart,stuborn,positive

Kate was born and raised in Ikana canyon as a regular village girl she was one of six sisters she was the third oldest out of the six she was the only to have reddish orange hair so her sisters would teas her by calling her sun head, she knew her sisters meant no harm they would manly do it to get a laugh out of her.

She was vary close with her sisters and mother she didn’t see her father much sens he was apart of the guards back at the castle so she didn’t have much of a bond with him, surprisingly she was the first one to move out of the house and in to her own place right near the food market.

She would go there from time to time to get bread and some other food items she seen the king him self from time to time greeting his subjects and being invited to play some games the local children made up, Kate though he was a grate king and would make a grate father to who ever he chooses to marry she knew it would never be her she didn’t let that control the rest of her day she kept a smile on her face with a positive additued.

One day when she was down by the river getting some water and washing her cloths the king rode up to her on his royal stead she looked up stood up and bowed as well as greeted him, he got off his horse and sat next to her and talked to her for a wile as she did her cores even after she was done they continued to sit under a tree and talk away laughing even.

As the sun was setting he offered her to come by his castle for diner one night of cores she blushed and excepted his offer, a few months latter Kate was engaged to Igos Du Ikana but a war broke out between un unknown threat even though Kate knew it wasn’t a good idea to have a royal wedding she still wanted to go through with it but sadly one night she was murdered by a Garo spy she was able to crawl a far bit wile loosing a lot of blood from being stabbed in the side.

By the time her husband to be got to her it was to late all she was able to say she loved him before dying from blood loss, years later she had awoken in her tumb half of the flesh on her face was gone showing bare bones same with one of her arms she had no idea why she had awoken but all she wanted was to find her love.

i own Kate                

1. Your toothbrush next to mine.
2. You never sneeze the same way twice.
3. Yesterday, your mother asked me to call her “Mom.” She said she didn’t understand all the big fuss over joining the family because she already considered me a part of it.

At the Grand Canyon, we raced to memorize every animal fact we could, and did not waste any flicker of campfire without letting people know the greatest threat to manatees is fishing boats; skunks won’t spray if there’s a chance they’ll smell themselves. We became our own favorite game.
5. My happiest moment is the night we couldn’t sleep. We ransacked the beach chairs out of your garage and sat in the middle of the sleeping street with our bodies laid out to the sky. We peeled back the layered paint on the stars; tried our best guesses at what they all meant.
6. You call me by my full name, and I never knew how beautiful it could sound.
7. When we come home, we tell each other about all the dogs we met today; all the shades of green we watched in the trees.
8. I could spend an entire day kissing every inch of your shoulders.
9. Neither one of us sleep pretty, but you are still the most remarkable thing I wake to.

10. I can’t talk about this to anyone else. They don’t understand it like I do: all the stupid, silly things that don’t mean anything, but they matter to me.
  They matter to me.
You matter to me.

—  Schuyler Peck, Stupid Silly Things