canyon nails

Aesthetics & Color Palettes

Aries: volcano, fireplace, red lipstick/nails, grapefruits, canyon, leather, campfire, lava lamp, melted chocolate, roasted/toasted marshmallows.

Taurus: trees, coffee/hot chocolate, Christmas sweaters, water lilies, pink roses, presents, autumn leaves, pancakes/crepes, paved streets, comfy blanket. 

Gemini: tornado, yellow cabs, crowded citiy, lemons, joker card, sand clock, clouds, roller coaster ride/funfair, ice cream, trains. 

Cancer: pearls, old books, woollen scarfs, pocket watch/clock, dried flowers, the Moon, ocean, tearful eyes, babies, lip balms. 

Leo: the Sun, champagne, theaters, gold watch/jewelry, crown, lions/felines, sunflowers, fireworks, candies, glitter clothes. 

Virgo: libraries, bathrooms, anatomy/medical books, mountains, ice/snow, grey sky, organized desk, forest, cactuses.  

Libra; cotton candy, marshmallows, flowers, swans, fans, sculptures, peace sign, macarons/pastries, tutus/ballerinas, sunglasses.

Scorpio: red apples, blood stains, satin sheets, dark streets, abandoned mansion, dark sky/thunderstorm, dark chocolate/coffee grounds, lace, candy canes, potion bottles.

Sagittarius: airplanes, tropical jungle, arrows, cinnamon/spices, dark blue starry sky, haunted house, vinyls, mountains, road signs, cars.

Capricorn: suits, black eyeliner and eyeshadow, wine bottles, pillows, guitar, notebooks and office supplies, coffee, newspapers, boats, blackboard. 

Aquarius: dreamcatchers, butterflies, smartphones/technology items, jellyfishes, rings, feathers and birds, neon lights, dark lipstick, tattoos, quotes/pictures about freedom. 

Pisces: mermaids, ocean/lake/water, shells, tears, paintings, fog, mosaic, bed and sheets, dolphins, poetry books. 

Destroying Ourselves

Originally posted by out-in-the-open

Characters: Dean x Reader/(Demon!Dean x Reader), Sam

Word Count: 5762 (Can’t freaking believe it!)

Warnings: Spn-like Violence, Swearing, Angst, Smut, Blood, Injuries, Possessive!Dean, Unprotected Sex (wrap it up), Oral (female receiving),Morning Sickness, Demon Possession, Violence Against the Reader, Crying, Some Fluff

Request:   Hi ! I have a new request. I loved so much the first one that I decided to do a new one. This time Dean x reader where reader is pregnant but she didn’t tell Dean. Then, she gets possessed by a demon and this one tells to Dean about the pregnancy. He doesn’t trust the demon, saying that reader would tell him everything.

A/N:  I hope this is what you were looking for,  @look-at-this-moose.  I’ve marked the parts that are smutty with an intent and lines.  So if it’s not your thing you can skip over.  

“No, no, Dean, you’re going to be fine,” you babbled, your hands pressed into his chest to try to stem the flow of blood.

“Just hang in there,” Sam urged, his voice breaking.  Your head spun and you pressed harder.  There was blood everywhere.

“Dean!  Dean hang on,” you urged desperately.  Dean clasped hand weakly around his brother’s arm, cupping your cheek with the other.  He looked between the two of you, the fire already leaving his eyes.  

“I’m proud of us,” he murmured.  Beneath your hands his chest stopped moving.

“Dean!”  You shrieked.  “Dean!”

That was the day you watched the man you loved die.  That was the day your world ended.

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