canyon driving


This is a rather impressive drive, Kotsifou Canyon, on the island of Crete. Much of Crete is uplifted limestones and I think this canyon likely is as well.

anonymous asked:

Your road trip sounds awesome? What are you planning on seeing along the way?

I wanna see Arches National Park. The Grand Canyon. Yosemite. Drive down the Pacific Coast Highway to LA, spend a few days in LA, and then drive back. 

I’ve just never done anything like it, and I turn 30 in a year and 3 months and I wanna do something I guess slightly crazy before then.


Dawn Patrol.


Touge (mountain road) drifting!

This isn’t as insane as it looks, by the way. It might not exactly be legal, but the way the road is laid out, you can have a car or a person with a flashlight about where I’m taking the pictures from, and they can see up both sides of the road and then flash the waiting drift car to go ahead if it’s all clear, or to abort if there’s traffic. Lots of runoff space when running uphill, too. 

This is super difficult to shoot and really demanding on the equipment. With most of my photos, I feel like I could do almost as well with entry level gear, but it’s stuff like this where the ISO has to be super high that smaller sensors falter, and you need the almost supernatural autofocus abilities of a modern pro body to be able to track in this kind of lighting.

Sooo, like, I'm going on a date today…

I’m planning on getting off of work sometime around 2:30ish and driving to Santa Monica where we’ll walk around, maybe have a picnic like lunch at a park. The sun should set around 4:45 tonight, so we’ll watch the sunset from the pier, maybe. We have to be at church around 7:30 for service tonight, so I’m gonna drive up the pch and take a canyon back in to the valley for that.

We’ll get some starbucks before service, and then maybe afterwards we’ll drive around some more and look out over the valley. Of course there’ll be a great music mix playing the whole time. So what do you all think? Is this a good plan? I hope so, because it’s in like 3 hours. Haha