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A few weeks ago I saw an article online from Forbes that read something along the lines of ‘You Can Now Take A College Course on the Walking Dead.’ I’m sure a lot of you all saw it, too. When I first read it I thought maybe that meant that some university somewhere was planning some themed course on zombies and pop culture. That wouldn’t be too out of place at a state school where you can frequently find courses on topics like Harry Potter, the works of JRR Tolkein, and professors writing about zombies and tax law.  I figured the “you” in the title meant you could take the course if you went to that particular school.

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Don't Worry, Your Walking Dead Class Won't Spoil Season 4

If you haven’t heard already, October 14th marks the beginning of the free eight-week MOOC, titled “Society, Science, Survival: Lessons from AMC’s The Walking Dead,” from the University of California on

The official syllabus for the class has been released and the issue of spoilers has come to the forefront. And while it’s not required to watch the show (but really, why wouldn’t you?) the weekly modules of the class will contain information related to the show.  And it wouldn’t be fair to a person like myself who’s behind on their WD viewing or for someone who lives in a country, where episodes have yet to air. But don’t worry my fellow zombie supporters, there will be preventative measures put in place.

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Just signed up to take Scandinavian Film and Television course through and Laura Ingalls Wilder: Exploring her works and writing life through canvas. Does anyone know f any other legit online learning sites?

Exploring geographic information systems (GIS) is a self-paced course where participants will learn about GIS and how the technology is being used in the real world to support problem-solving and decision-making. Participants will create and manage spatial databases, produce well-designed maps, and undertake spatial data analysis using free online software tools. These activities require proficiency in fundamental computer and Internet skills. Participants will have the opportunity to obtain digital badges throughout the course.

Already started! A beginner GIS course with practical exercises in ArcGIS Online. You can watch an introduction video here.

Are you a life long learner? Do you like comic books? Do you think it would be interesting to discuss social issues using comic books as a lens? Are you an educator looking for different methods to present your material? If so, this course is for you! From the creator of Gender Through Comic Books(aka the SuperMOOC), this six month course will examine current social issues through comic books while understanding how popular culture is shaped by it’s surroundings.

We will read a variety of comic books including Scalped, Daredevil, Swamp Thing, and many more. While reading these books we will examine topics such as social inequality, the environment, government intervention, addiction, and information privacy. Using lectures, live interviews with academics and comic book professionals, discussion boards, and readings, we will learn about social issues and how they are presented in comic books and the impact that those books have had on the issues whether large or small scale. This will be more than a class - it’s a formation of a community.

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Self-paced, available March 10, 2014

Cost per enrollment: Free

Whether you are 13 or 113, this Google Ninja course is for you.

Most people THINK they know how to use many of Google’s free tools, but they actually only use a small portion of what’s possible.

This course will help you become a near-expert at using the main Google programs, including email and calendaring, video conferencing and chat, spreadsheets, word processing, slide presentations, drawing, survey forms, drive storage, photo editing, blogging, and much more!

Episode 66: MOOCing Around

Jordan reappears, Ben snickers from time to time, Dean whines about hosting and Ed MOOCs the whole thing up! Also, Smart Suggestions. If you’ve got us on an automatic feed to your pod-catcher, this episode is a must download.

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Basic Physics for Animators - Learn Animation Physics the Dreamworks way
A free online course

Register now for a June Start

This free self-paced online course covers the basic concepts in physics that are most useful for animation artists. The course is taught by Professor Alejandro Garcia, a physics consultant for DreamWorks Animation SKG.

The topics covered are:
Timing, Spacing, and Falling
Path of Action & Arcs
Inertia, Follow-through, and Drag
Forces & Action
Pressure & Lift
Cycles & Rotation
Squash & Stretch

As a capstone assignment you’ll create a short animation (10-30 seconds) using the concepts learned in the course.

To register for this free course follow the link below: